Reminder about cargo securing


To Shippers of Cargo Transport Units


Dear Customer

Weather conditions in autumn and winter complicate traffic both at sea and on land.

We would like to remind our customers of the importance of securing the cargo inside units and providing the units with securing and support points for sea transport.

The responsibility for securing and supporting the cargo inside the unit lies mainly with the shipper. In this context, we refer to our Conditions of Carriage.

We would ask you as a Consignor/Shipper to pay particular attention to the securing and supporting of cargo and thus to ensure that transports run smoothly.

The Shipper has also to make sure that trucks and trailers are provided with adequate securing and support points, which comply with the regulations, so that units can be lashed and supported to/on the vessel for sea transport.

In accordance with the Nordic Maritime Act, the vessel's master is entitled to refuse to accept road vehicles which do not comply with the above requirements.

Information on cargo securing is available in publications such as European Best Practice Guidelines on Cargo Securing for Road Transport, IMO/ ILO/UN ECE Guidelines for Packing of Cargo Transport Units and GDV Packaging Handbook.

Our cargo handling experts are willing to give you all the assistance you may require.