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Emission targets and UN Goals

Clear emission targets

We are committed to long-term efforts for the environment, making investments in energy efficiency and eco-efficient services.

We have worked consistently, setting short-term goals to reach excellent long-term results. In comparison with our 2008 levels, we have reduced the carbon dioxide emissions of our entire fleet by 30%. Our goals for the future are ambitious. In line with the strategy of the UN’s International Maritime Organization (IMO), we want to reduce our absolute carbon dioxide emissions by at least 50% by 2050.  

UN Goals and Finnlines

Profitability enables sustainability

We aim for stable profitability. By optimising our operations, routes and use of vessels and by focusing on cost control, we are able to further improve our efficiency. Economic well-being is linked with social responsibility and the environment. Seventeen of our vessels sail under the Finnish flag and three under the Swedish flag. Environmental and social responsibility is part of the Company’s daily operations.

Environmentally friendly transport mode

Sea transport is the most environmentally friendly form of transport, particularly in transporting large amounts of cargo. The Finnlines ro-pax concept combines cargo and passenger traffic in a unique way. In addition, we  have invested in the energy-efficiency of our vessels in many ways over the last few years and these investments continue with the newbuilding projects.

Sustainable consumption and production

Sustainable consumption and production aim to do more and better with less energy and investment. Thanks to our long-term, environment-considerate actions, investments on energy-efficiency and eco-efficient service, where we combine cargo and passenger traffic, we are able to advance sustainable development.

Continuous development

At Finnlines, we consider it important to continuously develop our operations. The Company aims to reduce the environmental effects in both cargo and passenger operations.

Ecologically responsible business

Ecologically and socially responsible business is becoming more and more important each year. Operating on ecologically sensitive sea areas, our safety and environment policy aims to produce safe and high-quality services in a way that considers the environmental effects during the whole transport chain. By continuously investigating and testing energy saving innovations and planning better processes, we at Finnlines do our part in protecting the marine environment of the Baltic Sea area.

The most environmentally friendly transport form

By continuously investigating and testing energy saving innovations and planning better processes, we do our part in supporting the healthier Baltic Sea.