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Superstar ro-pax vessels

Finnlines will deploy a new vessel type especially designed for its Sweden–Finland traffic. The new ships will have a full intake up to 5,200 lane metres and 1,100 passengers. In other words, the vessels have the capacity to carry approximately 200 cars and 300 lorries per voyage.

Named after the brightest stars

The vessels will be named Finnsirius and Finncanopus, after the brightest stars in the night sky.

Passenger experience to a new level with a new onboard concept

Finnlines Superstar ro-paxes will set new standards when they start operating on the Finland-Sweden route in 2023. The service concept on the new ships will raise the bar considerably compared to the existing ships on the service. 

Learn more about the eco-sustainable Superstar ro-pax vessels which are currently being built.

Technical details

Get to know more of all the techinal facts about the Superstar ro-paxes.

Onboard concept

Designers have refined the newbuilding concept, and for example green values are emphasised with the Next Generation vessels.

Press releases

Take a look at all the press releases regarding the Superstar ro-paxes.


The newbuilding programme is a collaborative project and in addition to the shipyards it will engage several suppliers.

Work in progress: important milestones

Find out more about significant progress points.