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Q1 2019 in numbers

The Finnlines Group’s revenue for January–March 2019 was EUR 137.6 million, which was an increase of 2.0 per cent compared to the same period last year. The result for the reporting period was EUR 16.2 million compared to EUR 16.5 million in January–March 2018. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation, EBITDA, was EUR 34.2 million compared to EUR 34.3 million in January–March 2018. 

On the front line of the R&D revolution

Automisation, digitalisation and the development of emission-reduction technology will help push our industry towards a low-carbon future.

Shipping in Finland

About 90% of foreign trade is transported by sea and shipping is of high importance to the Finnish industry and welfare. In 2018, sea transport volumes rose to an all-time high – Finnish sea transport increased to a record level  and was 103.8 million tonnes. 

Transporting project cargo, ”high and heavy”

Cargo classified as project cargo comes in all sizes, shapes and weights. Each carriage is a new project.

2018 in numbers

The Finnlines Group’s January–December 2018 result increased by EUR 12.5 million to EUR 95.1 million. Revenue also increased by 9.9 per cent to EUR 589.4 million during January–December 2018. During the fourth quarter, the cargo volumes remained strong, increasing the revenue compared to last year from EUR 131.8 million to EUR 141.5 million. The result for October–December was EUR 19.7 (14.8) million.

Green shipping

Finnlines’ actions in sustainable shipping


Finnlines to build new ro-pax class that will contribute to climate fight

The battle is on to reduce CO2 emissions and fossil fuel consumption over a short enough timescale to ensure that our children inherit a world in ecological equilibrium.

Growing with customers

Growing with customers – improving cargo handling

During the last few years, cargo volumes, trailers in particular, have grown substantially on the Uusikaupunki–Travemünde route.

Team Rynkeby

Community involvement in Finnlines

Finnlines collaborates and interacts with different stakeholders and organisations. One of the organisations is the Aamu Pediatric Cancer Foundation which Finnlines supported in 2017.

Q3 2018 in numbers

The Finnlines Group’s result for the reporting period increased by EUR 7.3 million to EUR 75.3 million. Earning before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, EBITDA, came to EUR 129.0 million against EUR 120.4 million last year. Revenue increased EUR 43.4 million to EUR 447.9 million.

Q2 2018 in numbers

"Our performance for the first half of 2018 has continued very strong as revenue grew 11.5 per cent to EUR 289.1 million. The January–June 2018 result for the period increased by approximately 20 per cent to EUR 42.3 million. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation, EBITDA, came to EUR 78.3 million”, says Emanuele Grimaldi, President and CEO of Finnlines.

Finnlines bets on the trailer revolution

The trailer is a simple piece of kit, but one that can bring sizeable savings for shippers and logistics operators if used intelligently.

A turning point – GHG emissions to reduce by 50%

Paris Agreement for Shipping reached

Finnlines invests in ultra-clean vessels

Finnlines has ordered three new green ro-ro vessels.

Renewed Star class vessel ✶ Finnswan ✶

On our combined passenger and cargo ships, we offer plenty of comfort and space. 

Q1 2018 in numbers

The year has started extremely well with increased revenue, EBITDA and net result. The January–March 2018 result for the period increased by 48.6 per cent to EUR 16.5 million. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation, EBITDA, came to EUR 34.3 million and revenue increased by 11.6 per cent to EUR 134.9 million.

Accompanying Finland’s growth

The newly published Finnlines annual report reveals a set of strong financial figures and another milestone in our Company’s return to profitability.

Four ships 30 metres longer

Finnlines is halfway in its ship lengthening programme, the energy efficiency and emission reduction investment programme, which it launched in 2017. 

Our new fair concept was a great success

Every year in January, the Matka Nordic Travel Fair in Helsinki marks the start of the Finnish tourism year. Finnlines participated in the Matka Travel Fair with a brand-new exhibition concept. 

Naantali-Kapellskär – Linking the Stockholm area to Finland

Come and experience peaceful travelling on a passenger-freight vessel. With Finnlines you can reach Långnäs harbour, east of Mariehamn, from Naantali or Kapellskär, all year round. We offer two departures a day from all three ports. 


2017 in numbers

The January–December 2017 result improved by over 21 per cent and was EUR 82.7 (68.1) million, representing, for the third year in a row, the best ever result in Finnlines’ 70-year history.


First lengthened vessel delivered

MS Finntide was the first ship to be lengthened. 

Europalink - Star Class

MS Europalink returns to Finnlines as confidence spurs fleet expansion

Finnlines has in recent years been one of the star performers in the Grimaldi constellation, posting a series of consecutive first class financial figures.

Across the Baltic - Together

Together across the Baltic for the centenary of Finland’s independence

Finnlines challenged everybody to participate in Finnlines’ project “Together across the Baltic”. 

Q3 2017 in numbers

The third quarter of 2017 was the best ever quarter of Finnlines’ history. The January–September 2017 result for the period improved by approximately 12 per cent, and was EUR 67.9 (60.9) million.

Emanuele Grimaldi elected Vice-President of the ICS

ICS is the main international shipping association based in London.


Save native species – The Ballast Water Management Convention has entered into force

Ballast water is essential to control ships’ trim, draught, stability and stresses.

Port of Naantali

Finnlines to gain from additional berth capacity at the Port of Naantali

The Naantali construction works have started in September 2017.

Q2 2017 in numbers

The January–June 2017 result for the period improved by approximately 16 per cent, and was EUR 35.4 (30.5) million, representing the best first half year result in Finnlines’ history.

Emanuele Grimaldi

Finnlines: A vital artery of Finland’s economy

Finnlines is an iconic brand across the Baltic, and it is a happy coincidence that the Company’s 70th anniversary party on board one of our Star Class vessels last month fell in the same year that Finland is celebrating the centenary of its independence. 

Increasing lane metres - lift

Jumboisation for energy efficiency

Around 1 km of trucks more per ship hosted on board.

Finnlines celebrating its 70th birthday - lift

Finnlines celebrating its 70th birthday

It was surely the largest party in Finland that night. A sea of 1,200 flocked to the Helsinki cruise terminal on May 15 to celebrate Finnlines’ 70th birthday.

Team Rynkeby

Finnlines commemorates 100-year-old Finland

As Finnlines’ 70 years of history is strongly connected to the Finnish history, Finnlines wants to take concrete action in order to celebrate the centenary of Finland’s independence.

Q1 2017 in numbers

The January–March 2017 result for the period exceeded our record year’s corresponding period by approximately 35 per cent, and was EUR 11.2 (8.3) million. 

Finnlines on record-breaking form as we celebrate 70 years of commercial activities

Over the past seven decades, Finnlines has known many ups and downs: from striking unions to transatlantic rate depressions and the middle east oil price shock. Over that time, management has tried its hand at the container trades, bulk shipping and even cruising, with mixed success.

2016 year in review

Today, seventy years since the first commercial operations, Finnlines has never been in better shape. 2016 was again a record year. Profits came in at Euro 68 million, 20% up on 2015. Our impressive bottom line was achieved on declining turnover, making it all the more remarkable.

Renewed Star vessels: easy-going and smooth

To celebrate Finnlines’ 70th anniversary and to serve our customers better, we have renewed our Hansalink Star Class vessels with a mixture of ageless maritime, serene scandinavian modern style and an industrial cargo look.

Being prepared for the unexpected

The Safety First -series introduces some of the safety matters concerning the shipping business: issues like securing the cargo, protecting the environment and assuring the health and safety of personnel and passengers. 

Team Rynkeby

The ship is loaded with... bicycles!

A swarm of something fast, yellow and black arrives at the Vuosaari Harbour on the 8th of July. It’s time for the Rynkeby Charity cycling event!  

From factory gate to consumer – the transport chain has many players

The Safety First -series introduces safety matters concerning the shipping business: issues like securing the cargo, protecting the environment and assuring the health and safety of the personnel and passengers. 

Temperature-controlled cargo

Reefer units are refrigerated shipping containers or semi-trailers. They are designed to carry the cargo at specific temperatures. Valuable and perishable items, such as pharmaceuticals, flowers, food (e.g. fish, fruit, protein) are usually transported in a reefer unit.

Standards and regulations – guiding the cargo safely to its destination

The Safety First -series introduces safety matters concerning the shipping business: issues like securing the cargo, protecting the environment and assuring the health and safety of the personnel and passengers. 

Janne Taalas, the new Finnish Ambassador to Italy

The movement of people and business will not stop growing. Environmentally friendly solutions will be in demand even more in the future of maritime business.

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