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Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility is a core element of our business. Operating in ecologically sensitive areas, the objective of our safety and environmental policy is to provide safe, top-quality services while making efforts to minimise the environmental impacts in every aspect of operations. We adhere to the principles of sustainable development.

Increasing sustainability on multiple levels

We have systematically invested into our fleet, over EUR 1 billion during the past decade. In 2017, we completed the EUR 100 million environmental programme which included the installation of emission abatement systems to meet the more stringent environmental regulations. At same, we continued to invest in energy efficiency having decided to lengthen six ro-ro vessels. The ship-lengthening programme was completed by the end of 2018.

In May 2018, we ordered three new hybrid ro-ro vessels to add up further 17,500 lane metres to our services. The first ships are set for delivery in 2021-2022. The total investment is over EUR 200 million. The vessels will be built taking all technological and environmental factors into account and thus will increase our energy efficiency further. 

We have continued to focus on improving our productivity in particular through fleet changes and route optimisation. Our investments made in sustainable shipping will also help us to improve the results.

Focus areas

Our corporate responsibility focus areas are based on our values: customer focus, profitability, responsibility and employee satisfaction.


Customer focus

Our customers choose us thanks to our competence, expertise and reliability. Satisfied customers are the basis for Finnlines’ enduring success. By identifying its cargo customers’ and passengers’ needs, the Company can continuously develop its service products and generate concrete added value for its customers.


We adhere to the principles of sustainable development. Environmental responsibility forms part of our Company’s everyday operations. We take safety issues into consideration in all our operations.


We achieve our objectives. Through the quality of our business operations, we are able to guarantee long-term profitability and generate added value.

Employee satisfaction

Finnlines is a reliable and motivating employer, which treats its employees with fairness and equality, rewarding the merit.


Finnlines is committed to long-term efforts for the environment. 


Safety is one of the most important environmental aspects in shipping. 

Our people

 At Finnlines we consider our social responsibility important and we treat our employees with fairness and equality.