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To contribute to combatting the global warming, the International Maritime Organization, IMO, has set an ambitious target for future carbon dioxide emissions. The target is to reduce CO2 emissions from shipping by at least 50% by 2050 compared to 2008 regardless of growth in maritime trade. Knowing that technical and operational energy efficiency measures are necessary, the shipping industry has discussed short-, mediumand long-term candidate measures to reach the target.

Finnlines has been on the right path as the Company’s fleet has cut its CO2 emissions by around 30% compared to 2008. In 2019, Finnlines’ vessel traffic consumed 325,647 tons of heavy fuel oil and diesel oil, representing a decrease of nearly 3% compared with 2018.

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Finnlines' environmental policy

Finnlines’ environmental policy defines the goals and principles underlying the Company’s environmental protection activities.

Environmental stories

Here you can find all the published articles and stories about environmental work at Finnlines.

Environmental responsibility – the Finnlines way

Finnlines News 2/2019

Finnlines is committed to long-term efforts for the environment. Environmental responsibility is part of the daily operations of the Company and includes everyday actions – like timetable and route planning or running on optimal speed, load and trim.

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Energy efficiency and emission reduction in Finnlines

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