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Wi-Fi on board Finnpartner, Finntrader and Europalink

Stay connected!

Wi-Fi connection is available on all three vessels operating on route Malmö–Travemünde!

All available Wi-Fi packages are time based and are suitable for surfing the web and for usage of social media. You can choose a suitable package from the below table. Please note that the purchased time period starts to run immediately when Wi-Fi connection is activated. You can not spare time by disconnecting the Wi-Fi connection.

The Wi-Fi connection is primarily intended for browsing the Internet and reading and sending e-mails. The Wi-Fi coverage reaches all cabins and public areas excluding outer deck 12 on Europalink.
The service is not intended for streaming, uploading, downloading videos, movies or music.

Purchase Wi-Fi Plus package in advance before your trip via our Call Centers and save money!

Package type


Price when
purchased on board

Price when
purchased in advance

Number of Devices

Wi-Fi Basic

1 hour


not possible
to purchase in advance

1 device

Wi-Fi Standard

3 hours

€10*, €9**

not possible
to purchase in advance

1 devices

Wi-Fi Plus

9 hours

€20*, €18**


2 devices

* Price for passengers. ** Price for Drivers and Star Club members. ***Price for all passengers when purchased in advance.

PDF iconNordölink Wi-Fi package prices 2020.pdf