From Långnäs harbour in the Åland Islands our ships operate to Kapellskär in Sweden and Naantali in Finland.

Långnäs harbour address

Långnäsvägen 656

22630 Lumparland


Check-in for Långnäs–Naantali/Kapellskär takes place onboard. Please arrive at the port at the latest 1 hour prior to the departure. Please show your booking confirmation and identification document to the port personnel to embark the vessel.

If you have any check-in related questions about your reservation, please contact our Call Center +358 9 231 43 100. For questions about night departures you can contact Naantali check-in at +358 50 565 2578 between 19.45–22.30 the evening prior to departure.

Possible changes to reservations must be made 6 hours prior to departure for Kapellskär and 4,5 hours prior to departure for Naantali.

Please reserve your ticket online or contact our Call Center +358 9 231 43 100.

Check-in times

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Finnlines Finnswan Naantali Kapellskär

Kapellskär–Långnäs–Naantali ferry timetable

We take you in 8–9 hours from Sweden to Finland and v.v.  On this route buffet meals are always included in the passenger price.

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