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Germany – a tourist country with a genial atmosphere

Just a crossing by ship will take you to Germany, which offers a variety of attractions for tourists. Travemünde is a pleasant town in summer with its long beaches and cosy seaside restaurants. Travemuende has good connections to the rest of Germany and Central Europe. The distance from there to Lubeck, an idyllic Hansa town, is only twenty kilometres. It takes you an hour to get to Hamburg, a northern German city with lots of attractions, and in three hours you will be at the historic capital Berlin. Read more on:



Travemünde – Lübeck Travemünde – Hamburg Travemünde – Berlin
18 km
Drive time approx. 20 min.
85 km
Drive time approx. 1 h
330 km
Drive time approx. 3.5 h

Facts about Germany

  • Population 82.4 million
  • Capital Berlin
  • Speed limits
    • Population centers: 50 km/h
    • Roads: 100 km/h
    • Motorways: recommended speed 130 km/h
  • In Germany studded tyres are prohibited, but friction tyres are allowed.


Travemünde, Germany

Travemünde is part of the Hanseatic city Lübeck (distance is only 20 km) and its landmark is the mighty four-mastered barque Passat. In Travemünde you can dine in numerous restaurants, shop some great bargains, sunbathe on the four kilometre long beach, walk on the beach boulevard sensing sea breezes, wander in museums, and sense the international atmosphere at the casino. In Travemünde you can also spend your day by the Baltic Sea surfing, sailing, and fishing. If you want to have a relaxing holiday, you should go to one of the spas, where the mind and body relax. Just outside the city there is large golf courses, which attract golfers to spend time on the putting greens. During the winter you find atmospheric Christmas markets in Travemünde.

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Lübeck, Germany

In Lübeck you can sense medieval atmosphere. The city has many cultural and historical attractions: the city brings to live 1000 years of history and is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Most memorable sights are i.e. the Holsten Gate, the castle abbey, Church of St. James, and the salt warehouses. In addition to sightseeing there are also plenty of different restaurants, exhibitions, museums, bars and clubs in Lübeck. The city is also well-known for its local marzipan which you must taste.

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Rostock, Germany

In Rostock everything lies within walking distance. By the harbour there is a wide range of restaurants, comfy little cafeterias, theatres, and shops and on the Kröpeliner Straße you can eat fresh fish and international specialities. Taste also the delicious local chocolate, which is sold at Schokoladerie de Prie. Rostock’s most famous landmark is the old lighthouse in Warnemünde. Inside the city walls you find three impressive church, including St. Petri’s church with a beautiful view over Rostock and the Baltic Sea. Rostock also has a beach, which stretches for around 15 kilometres.

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Tropical Island, Germany
Tropical Island

Tropical Island is one of the Europe’s largest tropical holiday resort and it really is a tropic with its palm trees, tropical climate, and white sandy beaches. The water park is open around the year and is located approximately 60 kilometres south of Berlin, attracting both adults and children. Tropical Island is featuring several waterslides, swimming pools plus the Tropical Sauna and SPA Complex. In the water park you have the opportunity to enjoy first class performances, including concerts and dance shows. In Tropical Island you find also accommodation options, rain forest, tropical village and the Shopping Boulevard. 

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Neuschwanstein, Germany
Palaces and castles

In Germany there are countless number of beautiful palaces from every period and style to discover. In Germany fascinating and ancient stories are attached to palaces, which are located in all of Germany’s federal states and in every region. Many of the palaces were built by formerly dominated princes and dukes. In Western Germany in Brühl are located Augustburg and Falkenlust palaces which both are UNESCO World Heritage sites. In Middle Germany in Eisenach there is the famous Wartburg palace. Other palaces that are worth seeing are Heidelberg and Neuschwanstein castles in Southwest Germany. Neuschwanstein castle is one of the most frequently photographed sights in Germany and it was the inspiration for Disneyland’s Cinderella Castle. Those who are interested in palaces and castles there is the impressive Castle Road, which is an excellent way to see Germany’s medieval castles. The Castle Road from Mannheim to Prague is 975 kilometres long.

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German dish
German cuisine

German cuisine is very rich and versatile. There are restaurants all the way from traditional to Michelin star restaurants that all provide culinary taste experiences. The base of the German food is formed of local products, that provide diverse dining enjoyment. In Northern Germany speciality is seafood, in East speciality are dumplings, while on the coast of Rhein speciality is sour roast and in South egg noodles and pastries. German cuisine is also well-known for its quality sausages and rich selection of beer. Homemade traditional German food is provided also by Gasthouses, which are found i.e. along the highways.

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A sea voyage from Finland to Germany is a chance to travel in a relaxed and comfortable way by winding down on board.