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North Cape (Nordkapp) – The northernmost point accessible by vehicle

In the northernmost point accessible by vehicle, North Cape, (Nordkapp) you will confront the icy blue sea and treeless mountain slopes. Getting to North Cape is probably the last great adventure in Europe. A trip of 1500 km from Helsinki, or more than 2300 km from Malmö – both easily reachable by comfortable and newly refurbished Finnlines ferries from Travemünde, Germany – through some of the most magnificent and remote parts of Northern Europe.

Explore the endless white nights and chilling winds, take a dip in the Arctic Ocean in the middle of summer. Drive through green Finland until the cost of mountainous Norway, the edge of Europe.

Book a ferry trip from Germany, Travemünde to Helsinki, Finland and continue your road trip towards Nordkapp in northern Norway. You can book your ferry trip either on our online booking system or via Finnlines’ Call Centers.

Through Finland to Norway and North Cape 

The North Cape lies in Norway, but starting in Helsinki, your journey will take you through almost all of Finland, always heading due north. Leaving the hustle and bustle of Finland's capital behind you will soon find yourself in Lakeland. Deep green forests, rolling hills and, of course, thousands of glittering lakes. They are among the cleanest in the world, so make sure you go for a refreshing swim.

Heading farther north, you will reach Lapland – Finland's true Arctic wilderness, home of the midnight sun. For up to 70 nights, day never ends, and the sun bathes the barren, beautiful landscape in its light all day and night. The perfect conditions to hike, fish or even play golf at 3 am.

Once you have crossed into Norway, and come to the literal end of the road, you have reached your destination: Nordkapp. Up to 200,000 people visit this special place every year – You will be standing on a cliff 300 m above the icy waters of the Arctic Sea, and truly feel like you have reached the edge of Europe.

Travemünde–Helsinki ferry timetable

Comfortable Finnlines Star class vessels take you daily from Travemünde to Helsinki in 29 hours.

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With our convenient ships, Finnpartner, Finntrader and Europalink we can offer up to three departures every day from Travemünde to Malmö and back. The travel time is 9 hours.

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