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Star Club FAQ

Why should I join Star Club?

As a Star Club member you get

  • 3% membership discount on all passenger, cabin, and vehicle fares, also on campaign fares
  • exclusive loyal customer only discounts via email a few times a year
  • exclusive loyal customer only discounts on board in bars, restaurants, and Sailor’s Shop

How do I get the 3% membership discount when I book my trip online?

In order to get Star Club membership discount just follow the steps below

  • go to Finnlines' online booking system on our homepage
  • fill in your membership number in the Star Club field on the bottom at the left
  • when you move on with your booking, all prices displayed are with the membership discount
  • please note that membership discounts are not refunded afterwards

Can I combine Star Club membership discount with an offer which requires an Offer Code?

Star Club membership discount is granted also on all campaign fares. Fill just in your membership details on the first page in our online booking system and enter the code in the field Offer Code.

Does Star Club membership cost something?

Star Club is a loyalty program without an annual fee and until further notice, you can join the program for free.

I lost my membership card, what do I do now?

Finnlines Call Center helps you in all matters regarding the Star Club. Please, send us an e-mail or call +358 9 231 43 100. 

How can I remove my Star Club membership?

Finnlines Call Center helps you in this matter as well. Please, send us an e-mail or call +358 9 231 43 100.

I received a membership confirmation but the verification link in it does not work. What do I do?

Go to the login page for members and use the link Forgot your password? to order a new password. This will allow you to confirm your membership.

I ordered a new password from the login page. Using the link from the e-mail I received sends me back to the login page. What do I do?

If you have reset your password multiple times, only the most recent e-mail link will work. When you order a new password, it may take a few minutes for the e-mail to arrive in your inbox.

If you only reset your password once, you may have a double membership or your e-mail may be in use for several contact details. In this case contact our call center.

Are you already a Star Club member? Log in to membership portal >