Hautier an Bord 2

Pets on board

Pets are welcome to travel with Finnlines.

  • Please remember that when travelling with pets you always need to book a pet cabin, also on morning and day departures.
  • You are allowed to take maximum of two pets into your cabin.
  • There are special pet cabins, walking areas and even the very much needed tree stump.
  • Note, that all pets need to be notified upon reservation.
  • Pets may not be taken into bars, restaurants, sauna or other public areas.
  • Please keep your dog always on leash when not in the cabin.
  • It is forbidden to leave your pet in the vehicle during the trip.
  • The transportation of other pets than cats and dogs must be separately agreed with the shipping company.
  • Please make sure that you reserve enough pet food for the sea journey. There is no pet food available on the ship.
  • Before taking your pet abroad, please check the existing restrictions and regulations from local authorities.

Pet fares (price per pet, one-way trip) 

Route Travemünde–Helsinki €70

Route Travemünde–Malmö €20 

Route Kapellskär–Långnäs–Naantali €20