Passenger booking
Outbound journey
E.g., 25.10.2020

Buses, animal transport (e.g. dog teams and horses) and over 12-m-long vehicles are to be booked via call center only. Vehicles carrying commercial goods and vehicles registered for commercial transportation are booked as cargo.

Special fares: no modifications allowed, no refund in case of cancellation, restricted availability.

Standard fares: flexible conditions for modifications and cancellations according to the Terms and Conditions of Carriage.

Please select your ticket category at the end of the booking.

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Special-hinnat: muutokset ei sallittuja, ei palautusta matkan peruuntuessa, rajoitettu saatavuus.

Standard-hinnat: kuljetusehtojen mukaiset joustavat muutos- ja peruutusehdot.

Valitse haluamasi hintatyyppi varauksen lopussa.

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Specialpriser: Inga ändringar är tillåtna, ingen återbetalning vid avbokning, begränsat antal platser.

Standardpriser: Flexibla ändrings- och återbetalningsvillkor enligt våra transportvillkor.

Kom ihåg att välja vilken biljettyp du önskar i slutet av bokningen.

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Spezial-Preis: Eine Änderung, Stornierung oder Umbuchung der Reise ist nicht möglich. Bei Stornierung fallen 100% Stornogebühren an. Begrenzte Verfügbarkeit.

Standard-Preis: flexible Konditionen für Änderungen der Buchung gemäß der Beförderungsbedingungen.

Bitte denken Sie daran am Ende der Buchung die Ticketkategorie auszuwählen!

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Цены- Special: изменения не допускаются, при аннуляции возврат оплаты непроизводится, количество мест ограничено.

Цены- Standard: условия оплаты и аннуляции и внесения изменений согласнообщим условиям перевозки.


Car Packages from Germany to Finland

Jump in your car and head towards your holiday!

From Travemünde to Helsinki starting at €398.

2–4 persons, car and cabin

from €398

More Flexibility

Join our Star Club. As a club member you get more flexibility when booking your trip online by 31.12.2020.

Even when booking a special category ticket, you may change your departure date. Departures are available until the end of summer 2021.



Car Packages from Germany to Sweden

Travemünde–Malmö or v.v. morning and day departures starting at €49.

1–5 persons and car

As a Star Club member you get more flexibility than usually when booking your trip online.

from €49

More Safety Onboard

Travel with Finnlines is safe. During these exceptional times we take care of the health and safety of our passengers and crew by acting in accordance to the guidelines and instructions set by national and international authorities. We have increased our cleaning measures and our exceptional onboard concept aims to create safe and comfortable environment where you can feel welcome.

This is Star Club

Do you want to know more about our exclusive seasonal ferry offers? Join the Finnlines Star Club Loyalty Program.  

Finnlines Finnswan


Finnlines offers ferry connections for passengers on three routes:

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19.10.2020Passenger Services

The effects of the coronavirus epidemic prevention regulations on Finnlines Passenger traffic

Updated 19.10.2020 at 14:20 EET Finnlines cargo-passenger ships operate normally despite the coronavirus outbreak. The transportation of foodstuff and other essential goods from one country to...

21.09.2020Passenger Services

Travelling by ferry is safe

According to the Institute for health and safety (THL), Finnish vessels have successfully been able to avoid spreading of the virus. Jari Jalava, chief specialist at THL, says that there have not been...

12.02.2020Passenger Services

Finnlines invests in the highest passenger comfort

Finnlines invests in the highest passenger comfort and ordered two environmentally friendly Superstar vessels

Travel the Baltic Sea region in comfort on Finnlines ropax ferries. We offer ferry trips from Germany to Finland, Sweden and the Åland Islands all year round. Welcome aboard!