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Finnlines remains true to the goal of its foundation despite today's turbulent waters

Finnlines was established in 1947 as part of a wider effort to reconnect Finnish society and industry with neighbouring countries following the devastation of World War II. This mission has held true into the 21st century, the Company invested in newer and newer vessels generations and grew up in its role; Finnlines transports today a third of the 1 million trucks bringing goods from Finland to Europe and back every year.

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Bringing up the Next Generation

All four members in the Newbuilding team have a proven track record of shipping and maritime industry. Their expertise covers navigation, ship design, dockings, classification, hotel management, cruise business...  In fact, the list is never-ending. All are committed to developing a new, advanced vessel concept.

Building together - the companies behind the vessels

The newbuilding programme is a collaborative project and in addition to the shipyards it will engage several suppliers.

Hybrid ro-ro vessels sail into a green future

New ultra-green vessels will bring many benefits to our customers, including fast and efficient loading and unloading, and in addition, provide more flexible cargo space to our customers.

Superstar ro-pax vessels to scale up Finland-Sweden connection

Finnlines Superstar ro-paxes will set new standards when they start operating on the Baltic Sea in 2023.

Putting the spotlight on the great archipelago

These next generation vessels are going to bring the passenger experience to a completely new level with a new on board concept.