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Finnlines is holding a steady course amid choppy waters


The world has entered a period of turbulence: geopolitical tensions; the pandemic; environmental challenges; market upheavals...

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Goods crossing the Baltic Sea

About 90% of Finland’s foreign trade is shipped by sea. Vessels transport our export products out into the world and bring us everything we find in stores. 

Maritime bridges connecting the Nordic countries to Continental Europe

Majority of the Swedish trade passes through the shipping industry.  Along with other lines Finnlines offers direct link from Sweden to Finland and to Germany.

Future of shipping

Shipping has always been evolving and like any other sector of the global economy, also shipping is entering a new era.

News from the shipyard: Steel cutting for the second hybrid ro-ro

Finnlines’ EUR 500 million newbuilding programme will further increase Finnlines’ energy efficiency and emission  reduction as well as it will provide perfect tools to respond to future customer needs.