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The eco-efficient service concept

The renewed Finnlines ro-pax vessels combine the best of both cargo and passenger vessels. You can travel leisurely and enjoy the atmosphere, scenery, and fresh sea air. All the while honouring environmental values.

There are concrete examples of how the environmental theme is visible for passengers on Finnlines’ passenger ships. The carefully defined purchase processes take into account the ecological aspect of the products.

“We provide responsible products and food and take care of recycling. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint with these small decisions. For instance, we use detergents marked with the Nordic Ecolabel, we have a wider range of eco-friendly products in the bar and the buffet as well as in the shop. In addition, we offer more vegetable and vegan options,” says Kristiina Uppala, Head of Customer Service, Passenger Services, Finnlines.

Digital dimension and new customer experience

Finnlines’ new Superstar concept considers today’s environmental requirements already in planning and construction. Once the vessels are finished the environmental theme is revealed to customers as a new service concept. In its entirety, the customer experience will be on a whole new level and, for instance in the future, smart phones will provide a “Mobile Travel Experience”.

In the vessels’ common areas and sales stands plastic cards, posters and price tags will be replaced with digital screens. Green values will also be considered in material choices, recycling, shops, product selections, detergents, laundry services, restaurants menus – everything you can think of.

“Our future vessels will be pioneers in honouring green values – which reflect the Grimaldi Group’s dedication and commitment. We want to provide our passengers with new experiences and our new digital services bring the travel experience to a whole new level,” says Uppala.