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These next generation vessels are going to bring the passenger experience to a completely new level with a new on board concept.

Putting the spotlight on the great archipelago

Finnlines has ordered two new Super-star Class ro-pax vessels which are set to start operating in Naantali–Lågnäs–Kapellskär route in 2023. 

They are designed using the highest technical standards, making them pioneers in green values among the Baltic ro-pax vessels.

Ensuring customer satisfaction

Finnlines is now developing more enhanced on board concept where future travel trends have been taken into consideration. “We have done many improvements and changes to our new and existing vessels based on the customer feedback, and will continue to listen closely what our customers think,” says Kristiina Uppala, Head of Customer Service, Passenger Services, Finnlines. The emphasis has specifically been in green values, state-of-the-art technology and passenger comfort. Future passengers value sustainable and meaningful travel and thus it was clear that unique views of the sea and archipelago play a key role in the vessel design. Large windows and covered outer deck areas provide passengers facilities to enjoy the sceneries.

The Company is also putting more effort on premium travel, and the new ro-pax vessels will offer adequate premises to new passenger segments such as groups and conference customers. These new vessels can carry double the amount of passengers than the previous ro-pax vessels.


Inspiration from nature

The interior design has been inspired by the archipelago, which can be enjoyed through extremely wide windows and more spacious outdoor deck. The heart of the new vessels is the Arcade area that includes Finnlines’ largest Duty-Free Shop, approx. 400 m2. 

The new on board experiences include a premium lounge with its pop-up shop and a large spa area. The traditional sauna will be turned into a unisex sauna concept, consisting of one steam room and two saunas with a great sea view. Also, kids will have both outdoor and indoor play areas.

In terms of dining on board, there will be more options in addition to the traditional buffet. Locally produced goods will be favoured and a new Summer bar will serve outdoors seasonally. 

Finnlines is targeting for paperless vessels and will be introducing a smartphone app for even smoother travel experience. Alongside with the app, a Pre-Order shop will be opened with a separate pick-up location on board. 

The new spa and sauna concept will offer pure relaxation in a restful atmosphere and an opportunity to admire the Archipelago scenery.


Staying on board 

Finnlines is adding options also for the cabins by introducing new cabin categories (e.g. Comfort, Family) and adding more cabins for passengers travelling with their pets. Overall, in the new Superstars will be over 100 more passenger cabins than on the previous ro-pax vessels.  

A central vacuum cleaning system will be introduced which will improve the air quality and cleaning processes in the cabins as well as other areas on board.

All cabins will be equipped with smart control system that will save energy. 

”We are excited to bring our new concept to the market, and I’m sure it will be well welcomed. We have put lots of effort on enhancing the customer experience and providing more well-being options on board, without forgetting our current customers,” says Uppala. 

The Duty-Free Shop will offer new ways of shopping, including pre-order and self-service. Digital signage will also have an important role not only in the Shop, but all around the vessels.

Intelligent Superstar ro-pax vessels

Green values have been considered throughout the ship, including accommodation and interior design. Lighting is based on low-energy LED systems and designed to suit each specific service and location. Furniture, in the sauna bar for instance, will be made from recyclable materials. 
To further enhance energy savings, passenger cabins are equipped with a smart control system, which turns off lighting and air conditioning automatically when the cabin is not occupied.
Printed materials, such as menus, signs, travel programs, shopping catalogues, will all be replaced by digital screens and information will also be accessible from smart phones. This will minimize paper waste. 
When galley equipment is selected, attention is paid to low energy consumption. The intention is to serve locally produced food and use of plastics will be avoided where possible.