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Superstar ro-pax vessels to scale up Finland–Sweden connection

Finnlines Superstar ro-paxes will set new standards when they start operating on the Baltic Sea in 2023.

To meet the customers’ demand, Finnlines will deploy a new vessel type especially designed for its Sweden– Finland traffic. The new ships will have a full intake up to 5,100 lane metres and 1,100 passengers. In other words, the vessels have the capacity to carry approximately 200 cars and 290 trailers or 250 trucks per voyage.

Faster services for freight customers

Finnlines has used a lot of time to design cargo handling and its processes so that the vessel will get the best possible cargo system suitable for the planned route. Together the new vessels will offer increased stowage capacity with over 40% larger than current ships on that route. 

Automooring at berth will ensure faster mooring and more efficient port operations. Customers will see this in faster cargo handling times as loading and unloading of the cargo will take less time. The enhanced functions will also reduce the environmental impact and emissions. 

Superstar ro-pax vessels will bring new innovative solutions to Finnlines services and environmental perspective is taken into account everywhere. Onshore power supply will provide an alternative source of energy enabling emission-free operations in port. Light management and ventilation will be designed to enhance energy efficiency even in changing conditions. Moreover, two-speed reduction gears will improve propulsion efficiency.