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16.07.2021Passenger Services

Finland: Register for the FINENTRY service before arrival

Restrictions on entry have been lifted between Germany and Finland on 1 July 2021 and as from 26 July 2021 all passengers from Sweden can arrive unrestricted in Finland, too. Already now all fully-vaccinated persons do not need an essential reason to travel from Sweden to Finland.

However, all passengers should be prepared for a health examination at the port of arrival. No covid-19 certificates need to be presented at the check-in.

When arriving in Finland, all passengers born 2005 or earlier should have one of the following corona certificates:

  • a negative covid-19 test certificate (max. 72 hours old upon arrival), or
  • a certificate of covid-19 vaccination (at least 14 days from the first dose of vaccination), or
  • a certificate of recovery from covid-19 disease (max. 6 months old upon arrival).

Certificates are checked by the health-care personnel at the port of arrival and if a person (born 2005 or earlier) does not have a valid certificate, a covid-19 test is mandatory. In addition, passengers should take a covid-19 test 3–5 days after the arrival, if they have not received a full series of covid-19 vaccinations at least 14 days before arrival or have not had a covid-19 disease in last 6 months. Instructions for Passengers Arriving in Finland >

Shortly before your departure, please register for the FINENTRY service and make – if necessary – an appointment for a coronavirus test in Finland free of charge.

More information on travel restrictions >

What is FINENTRY service and why should you use it?

FINENTRY is a digital service that makes it easier to travel to Finland and manage coronavirus testing that may be required for entry.

FINENTRY service lets entrants

  • review travelling instructions before or during travelling to Finland
  • receive personalized instructions for procedures and, if needed, the coronavirus test
  • make an appointment for a coronavirus test in Finland free of charge
  • receive instructions for arriving at the test
  • receive the coronavirus test result.

The entrant can speed up the process at the border by showing the summary of their FINENTRY user account on their phone when arriving in Finland. The service is updated based on instructions by the Finnish authorities, which makes it easier to receive upto-date instructions. The service works on browsers, and using it is voluntary and free of charge.