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Live music at the sea

Sea, sun and live music is an indisputable recipe for vacation vibes. See who are performing on your trip.

Performers in the summer 2023

Tapani Kangas

Tapani is a true Mr. Crowdpleaser; his musical talent covers nearly anything you could wish for. So go ahead, make a wish!

Onboard from Helsinki: 8.6., 11.6., 21.6., 20.7., 27.7. and 30.7. 
From Travemünde: 10.6., 13.6., 23.6., 22.7., 29.7. and 1.8.

Petri Pietilä

During the last 20 years Petri Pietilä has entertained the audience by playing and singing almost anything you can wish for. Whether it is the latest pop hits or golden evergreens or spicy Latin rhythms, Petri is the man on the stage.

Onboard from Helsinki: 19.6., 15.8., 20.8. and 27.8.
From Travemünde: 21.6., 25.6., 17.8. and 29.8.

Markus Pätsi

Singer-songwriter Markus Pätsi is living his dream; making and performing music for live audience. You can sense some cinematic vibes and melancholy in his lyrics and tunes.

Onboard from Helsinki: 22.8. and 3.9.
From Travemünde: 24.8. and  5.9.

Timo Kurkela

Timo Kurkela is known as a talented and sympathetic artist who knows the crowd pleasers from oldies to latest hits.

Onboard from Helsinki: 3.6., 6.6., 25.8. and 28.8. 16.6.
From Travemünde: 5.6., 8.6., 27.8. and 30.8.

Riitta Piirainen

Singer and pianist Riitta Piirainen takes you on a trip to jazz-, musical- and evergreen rhythms.

Onboard from Helsinki: 7.6. and 13.6.
From Travemünde: 9.6., 15.6., 25.6. and 13.8. 

Eeppi Ursin

Eeppi Ursin knows jazz, pop and soul. This awarded singer and pianist amazes you with her cover versions as well as with her own songs.

Onboard from Helsinki: 31.7. and 10.8.
From Travemünde: 2.8. and 12.8.

Jussi Kananoja

Jussi has been performing since the mid-90s. The extensive repertoire includes evergreens, disco hits and rock in Finnish and English. 

Onboard from Helsinki: 2.6., 9.6., 12.6., 22.6., 22.7., 25.7., 12.8., 18.8., 21.8., 24.8., 1.9., 5.9. and 8.9.
From Travemünde: 4.6., 11.6., 14.6., 24.6., 24.7., 27.7., 14.8., 20.8., 23.8., 26.8., 3.9. and 7.9.

Eero Kortesoja

Eero sings pop and rock classics from the 50s to the present time. The program consists of familiar songs which are easy to sing along.

Onboard from Helsinki: 23.7. and 26.7.
From Travemünde: 25.7. and 28.7. 

Andreas Martyn

is a troubadour with decades of experience. His repertoire includes hundreds of songs arranged for acoustic guitar, from Elvis to Foo Fighters.

Onboard from Helsinki: 13.8., 16.8., 19.8., 23.8., 26.8., 30.8., 2.9. and 7.9.
From Travemünde: 15.8., 18.8., 21.8., 25.8., 28.8., 1.9., 4.9. and 9.9.

Antti Toivola

is a versatile musician and, above all, a bright performer who gets the audience on their feet dancing – sometimes even taking them off their feet. The same gig can include songs from pub classics to Ave Maria, sung in several different languages, from English to Spanish.

Onboard from Helsinki: 17.6., 29.8. and 6.9.
From Travemünde: 19.6. and 8.9. 

Sanna Kukkonen

Sanna performs acoustic versions of pop and rock hits, modern classics and evergreen songs. There will be calm, go-go and uplifting sets. Let’s roll!

Onboard from Helsinki: 23.6., 28.7. and 11.8.
From Travemünde: 30.7. and 22.8.

Niko Saloheimo

Niko Saloheimo is a pianist and singer who has been gigging for over 15 years at thousands of events all over Finland with different ensembles. A versatile repertoire can consist of atmospheric piano music, jazz and evergreens, or newer hits and pop hits.

Onboard from Helsinki: 18.6. and 14.8.
From Travemünde: 20.6. and 16.8.

Mark Tuomela

Mark Tuomela is a professional troubadour, whose repertoire includes hits from different decades, with an emphasis on blues and rock.

Onboard from Helsinki: 1.6. and 4.9.
From Travemünde: 3.6., 6.6. and 6.9.

Tuomas Lehto

Tuomas is a performer whose expertise takes you to a musical journey. Lehto’s repertoire is wide-ranging and includes music from evergreens to pop and rock classics.

Onboard from Helsinki: 5.6., 16.7., 19.7., 9.8., 17.8. and 31.8.
From Travemünde: 7.6., 18.7., 21.7., 11.8., 19.8. and 2.9.

Onboard services at Finnlines Travemünde-Helsinki route


Music can make you thirsty. Bar & Bistro Navigare offers refreshments and light snacks.


The Shine duo captivates with their warm, professional approach and strong vocal sounds. Shine creates the right atmosphere for both fast-paced feelings and sensitive moments.

Onboard from Helsinki: 7.7.
From Travemünde: 9.7.


Emmi Aarnio-Metsänen & Tiina Laitinen serve up light-hearted music accompanied by piano, ranging from today’s hits to old classics.

Onboard from Helsinki: 4.6. and 14.6.
From Travemünde: 16.6.

The Dudes

The experienced duo of Kari Vitikainen & Antti Toivola entertains their listeners with both domestic and international pop, rock and evergreen music.

Onboard from Helsinki: 20.6.
From Travemünde: 22.6.


This duo of Tapani Kangas and Juho Peuraniemi plays evergreens, rock classics and modern pop. They are happy to perform almost anything the audience can wish for.

Onboard from Helsinki: 15.6.
From Travemünde: 17.6.

Sahan pojat

Feel some Finnish folk vibes with a modern twist and pure pop and rock when Sahan pojat are on the stage.

Onboard from Helsinki: 10.6.
From Travemünde: 12.6.

Duo Friends

Two guys, Tuomas Lehto and Kari Vitikainen equals Duo Friends. The well experienced musicians play widely Finnish and international songs.

Onboard from Helsinki: 16.6.
From Travemünde: 18.6.

Fun for kids

Children have not been forgotten when it comes to entertainment. Clowns and magicians keep the happy travel mood going.

Pidätämme oikeuden muutoksiin.