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Hocus Pocus!

This summer the ship is loaded with joy when children will be entertained by magicians and clowns. See below for more details.

Summer fun 2023


Riesa-Pelle is a positive and lively character who entertains children with their funny magic tricks, juggling, balloons and face painting.

Onboard from Helsinki: 27.6., 10.7. and 7.8.
From Travemünde: 29.6., 12.7. and 9.8.

Naavakainen and Tökkyrä

When Naavakainen and Tökkyrä jump onboard, things start to happen. Come join us to sing, play and rejoice in the duo’s company!

Onboard from Helsinki: 24.7. and 6.8.
From Travemünde: 26.7. and 8.8.

Magician Jari

Jari’s program includes a fast-paced magic show where children can join in and help. Jari also conjures up balloon animals for children and reveals some of his tricks.

Onboard from Helsinki: 24.6., 28.6., 1.7., 18.7., 2.8. and 5.8. 
From Travemünde: 27.6., 30.6., 3.7., 20.7., 4.8. and 7.8.


This lively how includes songs and games, theater and funny magic tricks. Maddaleena also conjures up balloon figures and does face painting.

Onboard from Helsinki: 2.7., 5.7., 29.7., 1.8. and 8.8.
From Travemünde: 4.7., 7.7., 31.7., 3.8. and 10.8.

Jacintha “Jassu”

Jassu makes sure that kids have enough to do and have fun during the trip. Jassu organizes fun games, playful competitions and exercise sessions.

Onboard from Helsinki: 11.7.
From Travemünde: 13.7.

Magician Roope

The show is full of colorful and visual magic, music, and humor. During the trip, Roope also organizes many other things to do for the children.

Onboard from Helsinki: 8.7. and 13.7. 
From Travemünde: 10.7. and 15.7.

Magician Marko

During almost twenty years Marko has enchanted the audience with his magical tricks and juggling. And of course Marko brings his friend Santeri the raccoon with him.

Onboard from Helsinki: 26.6. and 29.6. 
From Travemünde: 28.6. and 1.7.

Captain Kaskelotti

Don’t let the harsh looks fool you – this captain is a warmhearted friend of kids. In his show you’ll get to know his past as a pirate. So sing, dance and be merry!

Onboard from Helsinki: 4.7.
From Travemünde: 6.7.

Kerli Lindegren

If you’re totally bored and having your travel blues join Kerli’s show feel the spirits rising!

Onboard from Helsinki: 30.6., 6.7., 9.7., 12.7., 15.7., 21.7. and  3.8.
From Travemünde: 2.7., 8.7., 11.7., 14.7., 17.7., 23.7. and 5.8.

Pelle Mamma

Get ready for a musical motion machine – Pelle Mamma is onboard!

Onboard from Helsinki: 3.7.,  14.7., 17.7.  and 4.8. 
From Travemünde: 5.7.,  16.7.,  19.7.  and 6.8. 

Other activities

You never get tired of frolicking in the ball pit. You can also find more peaceful things to do with several games.