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Traffic infos

Valid traffic infos for liner services, updated 9-17 on weekdays, 10-17 on weekends.

17.01.2020 - 19.01.2020
Finnlines Traffic Info

HansaLink service

MS Finnstar has delayed ETA in Helsinki 18.1. at 15:30 (instead of 09:30). ETS from Helsinki is 18.1. at 19:30. Delay is due to previous delay and long-lasting loading in Travemunde this morning, departure was at 9:20.

16.01.2020 - 18.01.2020
Finnlines Traffic Info

Hanko-Rostock Service

MS Finnmill has delayed ETA in Hanko 17.1. at 15:00. Delay is due to technical problem on departure from Rostock this morning, departure was at 10:30. 

15.01.2020 - 25.01.2020
Finnlines Traffic Info

Biscay-Russia service update

MS Finnsky: delayed operation in Bilbao due to adverse weather conditions

further to the earlier communication on the MS Finnsky delayed operation in Bilbao due to adverse weather conditions, we can now inform that the wind strength is gradually reducing. We expect it possible to resume the unloading and loading operation at 14:00 today. Per current prospect, the vessel shall be able to depart from Bilbao at around midnight.

The updated schedule as follows:

14.01.2020 - 20.01.2020
Finnlines Traffic Info

Aarhus-Helsinki Service

Regret to inform that MS Finnkraft's technical problem was more complicated than been evaluated. Perfect repair in Aarhus will last until Friday 17.1. after which she will continue in traffic. 

Revised schedule:

Aarhus Fri 17.1. ets 19:00.
Helsinki Sun 19.1. eta 09:00

Then back to normal schedule.

Finnlines Traffic Info

Poland-Finland Service

MS Finnmerchant has delayed eta in Hanko 13.1. at 13:30 (instead of 12:00).

Delay is due to stormy weather in Baltic Sea during the weekend.

11.01.2020 - 17.01.2020
Finnlines Traffic Info

Aarhus-Helsinki service UPDATE, revised schedule due to Finnkraft's engine problem in Aarhus 10.1.

Finnkraft's engine repair takes longer than estimated, her departure from Aarhus 10.1. will be delayed until Monday 13.1. at 10:00.
This weekend loading from Helsinki will be performed by Finnhawk on Monday 13.1.

We will speed up and catch up schedules back to normal until 17.1. without cancelling any roundtrip.

Finnkraft's revised schedule:

-Aarhus Monday 13.1. ets 10:00 (instead of 10.1. at 19:00).
-Helsinki Wednesday 15.1. eta 06:45, ets 19:00.
-Aarhus Friday 17.1. eta 07:00, ets 19:00.
-Helsinki Sunday 19.1. eta 09:00.

Finnhawk's revised schedule:

-Helsinki Monday 13.1. ets 19:00.
-Aarhus Wednesday 15.1. eta 07:00, ets 18:00
-Helsinki Friday 17.1. eta 06:45.

We are sorry about any inconvenience caused to you due to changes.

10.01.2020 - 21.01.2020
Finnlines Traffic Info

Helsinki-Aarhus and Helsinki-Rostock service

Aarhus-Helsinki Service

MS Finnkraft's departure from Aarhus 10.1. will be delayed until Saturday 11.1. at 11:00 due to engine service.

Revised schedule:

Aarhus Sat 11.1. ets 11:00 (instead of 10.1. at 19:00).
Helsinki Mon 13.1. eta 06:45, ets 20:00.
Aarhus Wed 15.1. eta 08:00, ets 17:00.
Helsinki Fri 17.1. eta 06:45.

Helsinki-Rostock Service

Helsinki Fri 17.1. ets 15:00
Rostock Sat 18.1. eta 22.00, ets Sun 19.1. at 06:00
Helsinki Mon 20.1. eta 15:30.

Then back to normal schedule.

Finnlines Traffic Info

Poland-Finland Service

MS Finnmerchant has delayed eta in Hanko 25.11. at 14:45.

Delay is due to late departure from Gdynia 24.11. at 17:45.

Due to Postal strike and supporting actions Finnmerchant will stay in Hanko until the strike is over .

Finnlines Traffic Info

MS Finnbreeze updated schedule

Due to severe port congestion in Bilbao and shortage of stevedores, the MS Finnbreeze got delayed almost 20 hours.

Revised schedule

Zeebrugge ETA Fri 1.11. at 18:00, departing at 23:59
Antwerp ETA Sat 2.11. at 06:00, departing at 14:00
Helsinki ETA Tue 5.11. at 12:00, departing at 22:30
St.Peterbsurg ETA Wed 6.11. at 07:00, departing at 19:00
Kotka ETA Thu 7.11. at 06:00, departing at 22:00
Lubeck Lehmannkai ETA Sat 9.11. at 12:00, departing at 18:00
Lubeck Nordlandkai ETA Sat 10.11. at 20:00, departing Sun 10.11. at 12:00
Travemunde cancelled
Helsinki ETA Mon 11.11. at 18:00

Then pack to current schedule.