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Greetings from the Stars – The story begins from the shipyard

Welcome to the interesting world of cargo passenger ships, or ro-pax ships! In the coming weeks, we will open the door to the shipyard where Finnlines’ new Superstar class ships, Finnsirius and Finncanopus, are being built. We share news on everything related to the preparations for a new type of sea travel experience.

Finnlines’ new ships will start operating in 2023

Construction of the new Superstar vessels began in June 2021 at the China Merchants Jinling shipyard in Weihai. Both ships have already been launched and are floating side by side. On the outside, the ships seem quite finished, but there is still a lot of work to be done in the interior. In this series of posts, we will present the highlights of the building of the new Superstar vessels.

So far, construction of the ships has progressed according to plan. Finnsirius is slightly ahead of Finncanopus and will start its homeward voyage from China to Finland first. According to the schedule, Finnsirius arrives in Finland during the summer and starts operating in the fall. Finncanopus will follow, so that it will also start operating in 2023.

What kind of a Superstar?

Finnlines already operates eight ro-pax vessels. Five of them, Europalink, Finnlady, Finnmaid, Finnstar and Finnswan, belong to the Star class. The new ships, Finnsirius and Finncanopus, are longer, wider, and taller. Superstars’ capacity is greater in terms of number of passengers, number of cars and volumes of cargo – and they are also more environmentally friendly!

The Superstar ships are approximately 16.2 meters longer than the Star class ships. Fun fact: The length of the ship is calculated according to the distance from the tip of the bow to the extreme stern. The official English term is length overall, abbreviated LOA. The bulbous part in the waterline on the bow is called the bulb. It usually does not increase the length of the ship since the tip of the bow and the extreme point of the bulb usually lie in line with each other. On ro-pax vessels, the outer part of the stern is playfully called the duck tail.
ComparisonSuperstar ClassStar Class
Length overall235 m218,8 m
Width33,3 m30,5 m
GT (Gross Tonnage)64 60046 124
Lane metres5,200 m4,215 m
Draft7,1 m7,1 m
Passenger cabins323200
Crew cabins6438
Restaurants & bars73

The brightest stars in the night sky and the Baltic Sea

Superstars are new, cool, and innovative, so the name Superstar may not even need justification, but there is still a little backstory. The names are inspired by the stars in the night sky, Sirius and Canopus.

Sirius is the brightest star in the starry sky as seen from Earth. It belongs to the constellation Canis Major. The actual brightness of Sirius is twenty times greater than the brightness of the Sun. Sirius is also called the Dog Star. You can probably then guess which animal is the mascot for Finnsirius – and indeed for both Superstars. Maybe you guessed right? We will return to the answer later.

Canopus, on the other hand, is the second brightest star in the sky. Canopus belongs to the constellation Keel. Wait, a keel, like a keel on a ship? Is this a coincidence? You decide! Unfortunately, the Canopus star is not visible in Finland, and to admire its brightness one must travel south, at least to the southern parts of the Mediterranean.

On Finnlines, the prefix for several ships is Finn-, and Finnsirius and Finncanopus are no exception in this regard. So now you have it all: The name of the Superstar class as well as the names of the ships are explained.

Finncanopus and Finnsirius, i.e. Finnlines’ new superstars, are named after the brightest stars in the sky. Sirius can also be seen in Finland, but Canopus can be seen further south, at Mediterranean latitudes. In the picture, the ships under construction are side by side at the Weihai shipyard (situation in March 2023). Finnsirius is about four months ahead of Finncanopus in completion.

Glossary for the world of Finnlines

Ro-pax vesselCargo-passenger ships, of which Finnlines has eight in operation (and two under construction)
Ro-ro vesselA cargo ship where the cargo travels out and in on rubber wheels. The abbreviation comes from the words roll-on, roll-off. Finnlines has thirteen ro-ro ships in operation. Check Finnlines’ entire fleet
Lane metreTells the cargo capacity of a roro or ropax vessel. The ship can take on board the number of wheeled cargo and vehicles indicated in meters.
Star ClassFinnlines’ ropax ships built in 2006–2007, which can carry 554 passengers and 4215 lane meters worth of cargo and cars
Superstar ClassFinnlines’ ropax ships with capacity of 1100 passengers and 5200 lane meters. Will be completed in 2023. The Superstars are called Finnsirius and Finncanopus.