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Relax in spa atmosphere

Unwind on the new ships’ wellness area. Whether you look for tranquil relaxation at the spa or workout facilities, the wellness area caters to all preferences.

Throw on your bathrobe and head to the warmth of saunas and jacuzzis’ in the Höyry Spa.

Workout with a view

Next to spa you’ll find a gym and a yoga studio with a stunning view overlooking the Archipelago Sea. The workout scenery couldn’t get any better!

Mon–Sun 11:00–24:00

Gym and yoga studio 1 h
€15 / adult

Spa, gym, and yoga studio (towel included)
€30 / adult

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Spa Bar

The spa bar serves refreshing drinks and snacks to cool down after a sauna or workout session. If hunger takes you by surprise, the bar also has a snack menu. You can enjoy the bar refreshments inside the restaurant or on the terrace.

The spa bar is open during the spa area opening hours.

Time on board is Finnish time. All rights reserved.