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Placarding and marking of units containing dangerous goods for sea voyage

Cargo transport units containing IMDG classified cargo (according to the IMDG Code) shall have appropriate IMDG placards and markings for the sea voyage and the proper shipping name and the UN number shall be displayed when required. (IMDG Code chapter 5.3)

According to the ADR regulations (paragraph 5.3.1.) it is fully acceptable and recommended to have the IMDG placards affixed to the unit in the place of loading before haulage to the port.

The control in the ports will be tightened to ensure that the units have the required placards. The transport company is to ensure that the unit is marked and labeled according to requirements.

An unplacarded unit poses a safety risk during the sea voyage. The unit cannot be loaded until the appropriate placards and markings are properly attached to the unit.

Old placards and markings must be removed from non-hazardous units before arriving in the port.

marking of units containing dangerous units 2

marking of units containing dangerous units 1