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Driver’s Card Terms and Conditions

Finnlines Driver’s Card programmme rules

Valid as of 16 October 2023.

I General

1. Scope

These terms and conditions apply to the Finnlines Driver’s Card programme. Finnlines has the right to cancel the Programme without notifying the members in advance. By filling in and submitting the online membership application for the Finnlines Driver’s Card programme, the Driver agrees to these terms and conditions.

2. Definitions

These terms and conditions use the following definitions:

a) Card means a loyalty card issued to an individual driver in a mobile format. The Card is not a credit or debit card and may not be used as a mode of payment.
b) Driver means an individual commercial truck driver eligible to take part in the programme.
c) Finnlines means Finnlines Plc and its subsidiaries.
d) Programme means the Finnlines Driver’s Card programme in the form valid at any given time.

3. Contact information

The Finnlines Driver’s Card programme is administered by Finnlines Plc, Driver’s Card, Komentosilta 1, 00980 Helsinki, Finland.

II Membership and application

4. Terms of membership

Commercial truck drivers travelling as the driver a motor vehicle booked as cargo on board any Finnlines vessel may apply for a membership Card. Finnlines may request the driver to provide proof (such as freight declaration) that the motor vehicle they are driving has been booked as cargo.

Finnlines will issue the Card to any truck driver who meet the terms of membership and who can present proof that they are the Driver of a motor vehicle booked as cargo and a valid national identity card, driver’s licence or passport. Finnlines will send a confirmation of Driver’s Card Programme membership by email immediately after submitting the application to all passengers that meet the terms of membership. Drivers must always inform Finnlines of any changes in the information provided on the application. Companies, associations and other legal entities are not eligible for the Card or membership in the Programme.

5. Applications

The Driver may apply for the Card by filling in the online membership application form at and submitting it via the website to Finnlines for processing. All fields in the application form must be filled. Applications are processed within 5 business days of submitting, and if the terms of membership are met, the Card will be sent to the Driver by email.

6. Membership and Card

Membership in the Programme and the Card are valid until further notice from the time that the Driver has received the confirmation email and verified his or her membership via the link in the confirmation email and created a personal password for the membership page. Finnlines must be notified without delay of the loss, misuse or suspected misuse of the Card. The Card is personal and may be used only by the named Driver. Each Driver may only hold one Card at a time. Drivers who have joined the Programme may update their contact details and interests on their personal member page. The Driver can generate login credentials for his or her member page from the link in the confirmation email.

III Programme

7. General

Finnlines has the right to change the Programme’s terms and conditions, benefits and discounts or terminate or suspend the Programme without separate notice to the Driver. Finnlines shall inform the Driver of all changes to the Programme or these terms and conditions on the page The terms of the Programme shall in no way substitute Finnlines’ shipping terms for cargo or passengers. In case of conflict between the terms of the Programme and shipping terms, the shipping terms shall take precedence.

8. Privacy

Upon filling in and submitting the online membership application form, the Driver gives Finnlines the right to store, process and use the provided information for maintaining the Programme, providing services and discounts related to the Programme, and for marketing purposes, including sending news and special deals to the Driver’s stated email address, mobile phone number and/or postal address. Finnlines may obtain the Driver’s personal data also on the basis of a freight customer relationship. As the controller of personal data, Finnlines shall process personal data in accordance with the Programme’s privacy statement and valid data protection legislation.

By submitting the application, the Driver gives Finnlines the right to collect information on the Driver’s trips and purchases. Finnlines shall use this information for its own marketing purposes and for developing its ship and shore services. Details on the processing and purposes of processing of personal data collected upon joining the Programme are described on the carrier’s website at the address: The Driver is obligated to notify Finnlines of changes to his or her name, address, email address or telephone number by updating said information on his or her member page or with the online contact form at

9. Discounts

Discounts and deals may vary depending on the route and/or vessel. There are no universally valid deals or discounts on board the vessels. The Driver is entitled to currently valid discounts and deals by presenting the Card upon purchase. Discounts or deals cannot be claimed retroactively. The Driver does not have the right to disclose or otherwise transfer any discounts, deals or rights included in the Programme. In order to receive discounts included in the Programme, the Driver is obligated to present proof of identity to Finnlines or a subcontractor on board the vessel upon request.

IV Termination of membership

10. Termination by the Driver

The Driver may terminate membership in the Programme at any time

i) by submitting a written notice to Finnlines and returning a possible physical Card to the address Finnlines Plc, Driver’s Card, Komentosilta 1, 00980 Helsinki, Finland or to any Finnlines terminal, or
ii) with the form available on the page

11. Termination by Finnlines

Finnlines has the right to deactivate the Card and terminate the membership without advance notice if

a) the Driver is in breach of these terms and conditions; or
b) the Driver has not used the Card within the past 24 months; or
c) the Driver has caused disturbance on board a vessel or has failed to follow orders or safety instructions issued by crew members of a Finnlines vessel; or
d) the information provided on the application form is inaccurate or outdated.

Finnlines shall notify the Driver of deactivating the Card or terminating the membership by letter or email.

12. Liability

Finnlines shall not be liable for any loss suffered by the Driver or a third party due to changes or amendments to the Programme or to these terms and conditions, deactivation of the Card (regardless or whether or not the Card was deactivated on grounds of these terms and conditions), any breach of these terms and conditions, or any event related to the Programme. If the Driver is in breach of these terms and conditions, Finnlines has the right to reclaim any discount or deal granted after said breach. The Driver is liable for any and all damage caused to Finnlines as the result of a breach of these terms and conditions.

V Other terms

13. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The terms and conditions of the Programme shall be governed exclusively by Finnish law, excluding its provisions on conflict of laws, unless otherwise stipulated by binding national law. All disputes arising from the Programme shall be settled at first instance in Helsinki District Court

14. Independence of the terms and conditions

These terms and conditions shall be independent of any other contracts entered into by the Driver or Finnlines.