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Finnlines’ new hybrid ro-ro vessels are being built at the shipyard in 2022

New, innovative and energy-efficient

In order to meet customer expectations and to go beyond regulatory guidelines, Finnlines is constantly renewing and developing its fleet, using the latest technologies and innovations. The hybrid ro-ros and eco-efficient Superstar ro-paxes are the next step in the evolution of green shipping. All five ships will play an important role in the supply security chain.

Finnlines’ EUR 500-million Newbuilding Programme consists of three hybrid ro-ro vessels (Finneco I–III) and two eco-efficient “Superstar” ro-pax vessels (Finnsirius and Finncanopus. The Eco-series ro-ro vessels entered Finnlines’ Baltic-North Sea-Biscay services during the summer of 2022 and ro-pax vessels are scheduled to start on the Finland-Sweden route in autumn 2023. All five vessels offer increased freight capacity and upgraded customer services.

Economies of scale

The Eco-series are larger than any in the previous Finnlines fleet as the cargo capacity increased by nearly 40% .

The ro-ro vessels are 238 metres long with a cargo capacity of 5,800 lane metres. They are capable of carrying about 300 trailers, 150 cars and 500 sea containers per sailing.

Evolution of Finnlines' ro-ro vessels, Annual report 2021
Evolution of Finnlines’ ro-ro vessels, Annual report 2021

“We continue to deploy larger and larger vessels in both ro-ro and ro-pax segments, thus creating better economies of scale.”

Giant leap in hybrid technology

Environmental aspects and sustainability are given high priority. The vessels are designed to be partially operated on battery power. The hybrid solution reduces fuel consumption and allows zero emissions at berth. The noise during the stay in port also decreases. The battery banks of 5 MWh allow the use of stored electricity while in port. The ro-ro vessels are also equipped with solar panels, an air lubrication system and .

Furthermore, the vessels are equipped with an air lubrication system and exhaust gas cleaning equipment, which cut emissions.

The new vessels help Finnlines to strengthen its market-leading position in its core business. In addition, the environmental footprint of each carried truck and trailer reduces significantly from the previous level. The new ships meet higher environmental standards and with the extra capacity, Finnlines supports the sustainable growth of its customers.

Clean technology used in newbuildings

Finnlines’ new ro-ro vessels use the latest technologies and innovations.

Battery banks

Lithium-ion battery systems enable zero-emission operations and reduce noise in port

Solar panels

600m2 of solar panels produce clean electricity for users on board

Promas Lite

Promas Lite systems increase energy efficiency

Air lubrication

An innovative air lubrication system creates bubble layers, which reduce friction and hydrodynamic resistance

Optimised hull

Optimised hull lines improve efficiency

Main engines

The type and size was selected carefully to achieve the lowest possible fuel oil consumption