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Bunkerzuschlag, Linien-Dienste

Valid bunker surcharges for Finnlines Baltic and North Sea Liner Services.



Increased Frequency and Capacity for the Germany, Russia & Finland traffic

Dear Customer, Starting from week 15 the frequency between the ports of Travemünde, St. Petersburg/Bronka and Kotka will be doubled. A second vessel, the MS Finnpulp, will be added into the loop...


Bunker surcharge in Line's own container traffic

The bunker surcharge will be adjusted with effect from 7 April, 2021. The surcharges until further notice: Benelux, UK – Finland v.v. shipments EUR 99 / 40' and 45' unit EUR 49 / 20' unit Spain – Finland v.v. shipments EUR 118 / 40' and 45' unit EUR 59 / 20' unit  


More departures and capacity to Finland-Germany traffic

Additional departure to Helsinki-Travemünde traffic both ways starting Saturday 17 April, 2021   Ms Finnpulp will be deployed in Helsinki-Travemünde-Helsinki route, increasing the weekly depart...