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Loading arrangements in Naantali are changing

Finnlink loading arrangements, as well as new port security rules will come into force starting May 7th before evening departure when we will start using a new quay in the Port of Naantali.

Entry to the port area will remain via main gate at Järveläntie. Finnlink freight check in will remain in the terminal building.
Close to the terminal there is parking space for drivers collecting their ticket from the terminal. There is also space reserved for vehicles that do not have a booking or are placed on the waiting list. In order to park on the right spot, please follow the signs above the lanes.

Driver of a checked unit will get a token to drive through a new gate, gate F, into the closed loading area. In order to park on the right spot, please follow the signs above the lanes.

Please notice that the new loading area is ISPS area and only units that have been cleared and checked can have access.
Should you leave the loading area after check in, you will lose your reserved place and need to perform a new check in at the terminal.

Unmanned vehicles, trailers and machinery without a driver.
Export and import trailers are parked inside our new ISPS area,  trailer parking is accessed through gate D5. Finnlink personnel will admit access permits to this area, please provide us the following information to (Mon-Fri 08:00-16:00): Transport company name, register number to vehicle/s, contact person and contact details. After receiving access permission you can collect or drop off units 24/7.
Trailer papers for export trailers are left to Finnlink check in at the terminal and you will find import trailers´ papers outside the terminal in our post box, as before.
Port of Naantali requires that all units parked in the trailer parking area for longer than 24 hours will be charged 25 EUR / day as parking fee. Finnlink will debit this fee from the customer.

Special loads will arrive the harbour via main gate and are guided straight to our new loading area through gate D5. Access permits and all other arrangements are handled by Finnlink booking office. Please inform us when making a booking for the unit.

For exit from the closed ISPS area, please follow signposts. You can find facilities such as restroom and water in the terminal, restroom also inside the new ISPS area, near trailer park.