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From Kapellskär harbour our ships operate to Naantali in Finland and Långnäs in the Åland Islands.

Kapellskär harbour address


760 15 Gräddö



Check-in opens 2 hours before departure and closes 1 hour before departure.

Before the check-in, you need to go through the gate at the entrance C. The gate will automatically read your vehicle registration number plate and give you access if you have a valid reservation with correct registration number at Finnlines. Please notify us well in advance if your registration number has changed after the reservation.

If you are travelling by bike or the gate cannot read you registration number, you can also manually insert registration or booking reference number to the system in order to access the port area.

phone +46 176 207 604

Arriving to Kapellskär harbour

By own vehicle

From Stockholm: Take the E18 to Norrtälje. Follow the signs towards Hamn/Kapellskär.

Tip: You can type in the navigator Kapellskär as a destination.

Parking and services at the port of Kapellskär >

Check-in times

Check in times for all Finnlines passenger routes.

Finnlines Finnswan Naantali Kapellskär

Kapellskär–Långnäs–Naantali ferry timetable

We take you in 8–9 hours from Sweden to Finland and v.v.  On this route buffet meals are always included in the passenger price.

Good to know from A to Z

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