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Traffic infos

Valid traffic infos for liner services, updated 9-17 on weekdays, 10-17 on weekends.

18.10.2019 - 28.10.2019
Finnlines Traffic Info

Biscay-Russia service

MS Finnbreeze will be available for loading in Helsinki on Wed 23 October.

Revised schedule

Kotka: ETS Tue 22.10 at 22:30
HELSINKI: ETA Wed 23.10 at 06:45 - ETS at 15:30
Zeebrugge: ETA Sat 26.10 at 06:00 - ETS at 18:00
Tilbury: ETA Sun 27.10 at 07:00 - ETS at 18:00

14.10.2019 - 23.10.2019
Finnlines Traffic Info

Biscay-Russia service, MS Finnbreeze: updated schedule

The repair work ongoing but the damage is larger than expected, he vessel will be further delayed by 48 hrs.

Revised schedule:

Zeebrugge ETS Mon 14.10. at 12:00
Antwerp ETA Mon 14.10. at 18:00 - ETS Tue 15.10. at 14:00
Paldiski ETA Fri 18.10. at 07:00 - ETS at 12:00
Helsinki ETA Fri 18.10. at 15:30 - ETS at 22:00 
St. Petersburg ETA Sat 19.10. at 07:00 - ETS at 19:00
Kotka ETA Sun 20.10. at 06:00 - ETS Tue 22.10. at 22:00

After Kotka per current schedule.

10.10.2019 - 30.10.2019
Finnlines Traffic Info

Biscay-Russia service, MS Finnbreeze: engine malfunction and delayed schedule

We regret to inform that MS Finnbreeze has suffered a major malfunction of one of the two engines while on route from Bilbao to Zeebrugge.

At about 01:00 on the 10th of October the vessel was reporting increased temperature to the main-engine number 1 which was then turned off. The severe weather conditions in the Bay of Biscay with waves up to 8 m high, made it impossible to handle the situation immediately. Nevertheless, the vessel tried to keep route of convenience as much as possible to limit the rolling.

Despite everything, we are happy to report that the crew, the passengers and the ship are safe.

MS Finnbreeze will arrive in Zeebrugge on Friday 11 of October at 11:00 where a full survey will be conducted to ascertain any possible damages as well as the causes of the malfunction.

The revised schedule after Zeebrugge:

Zeebrugge: ETA Fri 11.10 at 11:00 - ETS Sat 12.10 at 06:00
Antwerp: ETA Sat 12.10 at 14:00 - ETS at 22:00
Paldiski: ETA Tue 15.10 at 14:00 - ETS at 22:00
Helsinki: ETA Wed 16.10 at 06:45 - ETS at 22:00
St. Petersburg: ETA Thu 17.10 at 07:00 - ETS at 19:00
Kotka: ETA Fri 18.10 at 06:00 - ETS Tue 22.10 at 22:00
Tilbury: ETA Sat 26.10
Zeebrugge: ETA Sun 27.10
Bilbao: ETA Tue 29.10

Due to the accumulated delay, there will not be a sailing from Finland to UK, Belgium and Spain in week 42 as well as from Belgium to Spain the same week. For the same reason, there won't be a connection from Spain and Belgium to Finland, Russia and Estonia in week 43.

The whole service schedule will be shared soon.