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Caravelle III museum aircraft  as special transportation from Sweden to Finland

On 19 August 2022, a Caravelle III museum aircraft arrived in Naantali as a special cargo shipment. The aircraft had been waiting at Arlanda airport for scrapping.  

Volunteers of the Aviation Society Museum, Finland, prepared the Caravelle III SE-DAF ”Sven Viking” for transfer. Several parts of the aircraft, such as wings and tailplane, were dismantled. Parts were loaded on four Ahola Special trucks and two ordinary trucks and driven from Arlanda to Kapellskär Harbour where the trucks boarded the Finnlines ferry, Europalink. The aircraft was transported from Naantali to Pansio for restoration. The intention is to restore Caravelle into the visual appearance of 1963 and paint it with Finnair signature colours. After restoration, which is expected to take 3-5 years, the aircraft will be displayed at Turku airport.

High and heavy expertise

Finnlines’ vessels carry large project cargo, also called special cargo, regularly. As it is heavier, broader, higher and longer, expertise and optimised processes are the key to handle and carry special cargo safely. All Finnlines vessels can carry units up to 4.5-5 metres high, the new Finneco vessels even up to 7 metres.

Finnlines is the main maritime service provider between Finland and Sweden and the Naantali–Långnäs–Kapellskär route is one of the sea routes vital to Finland’s security of supply. In addition to freight, the route offers the most convenient schedules for passenger traffic between Finland, Åland and Sweden.

Photo: Ahola Special/Pixelate Media