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Meet at the Archipelago Sea – Finnlines’ new ships provide perfect facilities

Finnlines Plc, Press release, Helsinki, 22 March 2023

Meet at the Archipelago Sea – Finnlines’ new ships provide perfect facilities

Meeting packages on the new Superstar ships, which will enter traffic in autumn 2023, are suited to many needs.

Would you like to hold a meeting at sea instead of a traditional meeting ashore? The Me&Co conference facilities on the new freight-passenger ships, which will enter the route between Finland and Sweden in the autumn, provide an affordable and sustainable option to hold efficient meetings.

At the same time, the participants can enjoy the marine scenery and food and beverages, which have been produced nearby and follow green values.

”A maritime meeting day is a perfect alternative to a meeting ashore. The Superstar ships provide great facilities for an efficient team meeting day or for a management group kick-off day, just to name a few examples”, says Marco Palmu, Head of Finnlines Passenger Services.

The Me&Co facilities have been designed to fulfil today’s meeting requirements. The comfortable conference rooms will be equipped with the latest technology and they can be adapted to many needs. The smallest rooms seat 4 people, the largest up to 72.

Meetings at sea have been very popular and in the autumn of 2023 Finnlines can also offer them.

”The advantage of a meeting at sea is that the group stays together. Nobody leaves to join another meeting in the middle of everything. After the meeting there is an opportunity to do Tax Free shopping”.

Finnlines also offers the possibility to hold a meeting, stay overnight and unwind onboard after the closure of the meeting.

Traffic between Finland and Sweden increases at a fast pace

Booking figures between Finland and Sweden for the coming summer and autumn look promising.

”Freight moves well and passenger numbers are on the upturn. The new Superstar ro-pax ships have arisen interest and the number of passengers will certainly increase”.

Both ships can carry 1,100 passengers, the double compared with the current freight-passenger ships on the route. Freight capacity will also increase from 4,000 lane metres to 5,200.

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Marco Palmu, Head of Passenger Services, Finnlines Plc, +358 40 773 4894

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