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Parking facilities in the ports of Kapellskär / Långnäs / Naantali

We ask you kindly to pick up your trailers and other unmanned machinery as soon as they arrive and likewise to drop them off only just before the booked departure.  


There is no public parking space for lorries in the Port of Naantali.
Trailers and other unmanned units are left inside the ISPS area which requires an entry permit. If you have a reservation for Naantali-Långnäs-Kapellskär service you will be able to drop off unmanned trailer free of charge 24 hrs before or after the reserved departure time. After that we debit 25 EUR per day for parking. Please consider that there is only a limited space available for trailers in the port.

To get entry permission, please provide following information to : transport company name, register number to vehicle/s, contact person and contact details. Permits will be handled Mon-Fri 08:00 – 16:00  After receiving access permission you can collect or drop off units 24/7.


Please consider that there is no space available for long time parking in the port.
You are requested to wait for embarkation at the temporary parking just outside the ISPS area.


There is a 12-hour parking space for lorries in the port of Kapellskär located on the left side when you reach the port.

If you have a reservation for Kapellskär-Långnäs-Naantali service, you can leave your unmanned trailer to the area marked for our use, pricelist below.

Fee for units parked longer than 72 hrs

length of unit72-96 hoursover 96 hours
shorther than 6 m8 EUR/ unit and day11 EUR/ unit and day
6 - 15 m1,5 EUR/ unit and day22 EUR/ unit and day
longer than 15 m33 EUR/ unit and day44 EUR/ unit and day

Goods/units that will be loaded or have been discharged from ferries/roro vessels in the port of Kapellskär will be
debited Quay Storage Fees if left in the port for more than 72 hours before loading or 72 hours after discharge of the goods.
Parking fee varies according to the length of the vehicle.
First three days are free of charge, after that there is a fee for the fourth day which will be raised for the fifth day and following.
Fee is calculated per initiated 24 hour period.
Stockholms Hamnar AB will debit this fee from Finnlines Plc, who will, in turn, debit it from their customers.