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Regulations on board


The purpose of these regulations is to ensure general safety and a pleasant environment on-board. The captain of the vessel always has the highest authority in matters concerning the safety of human lives, the ship, and the cargo. All passengers must follow the shipping company’s regulations and instructions given by the ship personnel.

  1.  Each passenger must carry a valid boarding pass. Passengers must be able to confirm their identity if requested to do so by a member of staff.
  2. The passengers must bring with them all required travel documents. If a passenger has insufficient travel or other documents and this results in additional expenses or other inconvenience to the shipping company, said passenger is obligated to cover these expenses.
  3. Security check: All passengers, vehicles, luggage, and hand baggage may undergo a security check, either in the terminal area in the port of departure, or on board. If a passenger refuses to go through a security check, his or her embarkation may be prevented and authorities will be informed.
  4. If a passenger causes a disturbance, his or her embarkation may be prevented, or he or she may be removed from the ship in the next port.
  5. A person who jeopardises the safety of the vessel, any passengers, or a member of the staff may be taken into custody.
  6. Consumption of alcohol brought from ashore or purchased in the on-board store is prohibited on-board. Disobeying this rule will lead to the confiscation of the alcoholic drinks.
  7. The food served in the buffet restaurant on-board is intended for consumption in the restaurant premises only. A fee will be charged for any food taken away from the buffet restaurant.
  8. Passengers wearing outer garments or on the vessels between Germany and Finland also carrying any luggage will not be allowed in the buffet restaurant.
  9. Consumption of own food or drinks is not permitted on indoor and outdoor premises of deck 11 excluding special diet or baby food.
  10. Pets are not allowed in the public premises on-board or in the restaurant. Pets are allowed only in the pet cabins or on deck 7. Pets must be kept on a lead or in a cage. Each pet owner is responsible for making sure that his or her pet does not disturb other passengers.
  11. Naked flames (candles, camping stoves, etc.) are forbidden onboard. Use of hot plates, coffee machines, water boilers, toasters and other electronical devices meant for preparing food which have been brought by the passenger is forbidden. Representatives of the shipping company are entitled to temporarily confiscate the above named devices in case they are being used onboard. In this case the devices will be handed out to the passenger 30 minutes prior to arrival from the infodesk.
  12. Cooking or heating food in the cabins is prohibited. All staff members have the right to temporarily confiscate any equipment intended for food preparation.
  13. Smoking is prohibited in public premises aboard the ship and in the cabins. Smoking is only allowed in designated, marked places.
  14. Access to the car deck is not allowed during the voyage.
  15. Group leaders are responsible for their group, and it is their obligation to monitor that these regulations are followed.
  16. All loud behaviour in the cabin departments is prohibited between 10pm and 8am.
  17. Damaging or removing from the ship any movable property in the cabins (pillows, blankets, towels, chairs, or any other property of the shipping company) is prohibited. Any thefts, break-ins, incidences of fraud, and other illegal activities on-board will be reported to the police without exception.
  18. The damaging of any life-saving or safety equipment on-board is a criminal offence and will be reported. The offender will be handed over to the police when the ship docks.
  19. A passenger who has damaged or stolen the shipping company’s property or caused any other damage is obligated to compensate for said damage. Passengers sharing a cabin and travelling under the same reservation number are jointly responsible for any damage on their cabin or property in the cabin.
  20. Resting facilities are provided for deck passengers. Taking residence in any other premises is prohibited.
  21. It is forbidden to throw anything overboard.

Each passenger (i.e. each person aboard the ship who is not a member of the crew) is obligated to follow the above regulations while aboard the ship and in the terminal, as provided in the Finnish Maritime Act, chapter 15, section 4; the Swedish Maritime Act, chapter 15, section 7; the ISPC Code; EC regulation 725/2004; and circular letters on safety by Finnish and Swedish maritime authorities.