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Step into Sailor’s Shop

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Pick your favourites or try new flavours if you’re having a sweet tooth. Sailor‘s Shop welcomes you to make fantastic discoveries. In our selection you can find cosmetics, jewelry, sweets, souvenirs, toys, clothing, spirits and snacks.  Don’t forget the ones back home, they would be delighted with some treats!

Lumene [VALO] -20%

Selected Lumene [VALO] skincare products now -20%.

Be flashy!

Reflective backpack in winter darkness is a must.

Create and play

Let your phone rest a while and see what your hands and imagination can do with construction blocks.


As a Star Club member you’ll get 10 % discount from all women’s and men’s fragrances.

Join the Stars!

As a member you will get the best travel deals and exclusive discounts both onboard and ashore as well. Don’t miss this!