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From concept image to reality – this is what the new ship looks like

Finnlines’ new Superstar vessels have been discussed for a couple of years now, and several 3D-rendered concept images have been seen. But how do these concept images compare to the actual ship?

The first ship to be completed from the Superstar vessels, the Finnsirius, is soon ready to start its journey to Finland. The ship is still standing at the shipyard in Weihai, and the interior finishing works are nearly completed, with some areas already finished. Now is a good time to compare the concept images to the actual ship and see what the interior of the Finnsirius really looks like. As a bonus, we will also show some areas that will be completed later in the fall on the upcoming Finncanopus.

Superstar’s Vibrant Arcade

The arcade area, located on deck eleven, has been a part of the ship’s plans and discussions. The name “arcade” might bring to mind arcade games – there are a few of those as well, but in the case of Superstar ships, the arcade refers to a central area that one cannot avoid when visiting the ship. In the arcade area, you can find the ship’s information desk, the entrance to the shop, a children’s indoor playground, luggage lockers, and plenty of seating. The arcade on the Superstar ships serves as the intersection of the ship’s central streets, an open area accessible to everyone, where the seats are positioned not only towards the sea but also towards the bustling crowd, allowing one to entertain themselves by observing the passing hustle and bustle.

Concept art
Finnsirius’ arcade area in July 2023
Finncanopus’ arcade area in July 2023

The Dark Ambiance of the Bar

Located at the aft of deck eleven on the Superstar ships, you will find the main bar of the ship, officially known as Barrel Bay Bar & Tapas, or simply referred to as Barrel Bay or BB.

Barrel Bay is adorned with numerous details and features, some of which can be seen in the images below. One of these features is a water vapor fireplace provided by Suomen Sisustustakka. Not only can the passengers enjoy this water vapor fireplace, but another one can also be found in the crew mess.

With its dark color scheme, Barrel Bay creates an atmosphere that is perfect for an evening bar setting.

For those seeking a more private space near the bar, there is a separate reservation-only room available. It caters to celebratory groups who desire their own space or even corporate teams looking for a venue after a day of meetings.

As a natural extension of Barrel Bay, comfortable outdoor tables can be found on the deck, providing a delightful seating area during the summer months.

Concept art
Finnsirius’ Barrel Bay bar in July 2023
Concept art
Barrel Bay’s Reservation-Only Room on Finnsirius in July 2023
Concept art
Access to the deck, where one can enjoy drinks, tapas and the sea breeze during the summer, is available from the Barrel Bay bar. Picture taken in July 2023.

Feast Awaits: Unveiling the Cargo Buffet

What would a ship be without a buffet? Well, nothing really. That’s why the Superstar ships feature a buffet restaurant called Cargo Buffet, which is proven to be one of the most essential services on board.

Concept art
Finnsirius’ Cargo Buffet in July 2023
Finncanopus’ Cargo Buffet in July 2023

Burger Bliss at the Fisherman’s Bistro

Fisherman’s Bistro on both Finnsirius and Finncanopus is the most versatile restaurant on board. Under one roof, you’ll find a café, seafood restaurant, grill, bakery, and a mini-buffet. Additionally, there are designated areas for families and pets. Food and drinks can also be purchased from self-service displays.

While there’s more than just burgers available, the burgers are particularly delicious. But perhaps the blueberry pie with ice cream or the smoked shrimp bucket will become the star items at Fisherman’s Bistro? Mmm… I’m getting hungry just thinking about them!

Concept art
Entrance to the Fisherman’s Bistro on Finnsirius in July 2023
Entrance to the Fisherman’s Bistro on Finncanopus in July 2023
Concept art
Table Seating at the Fisherman’s Bistro on Finnsirius in July 2023

Alén’s À La Carte

That headline definitely didn’t hold back on the accent marks and apostrophes, but hey, who’s counting? Moving on!

Micke’s Wine & Dine restaurant on deck twelve is the gem of the Superstar ships. The menu at Micke’s has been designed by master chef Henri Alén, with wine selections curated by sommelier Samuil Angelov. With such skilled gentlemen at the helm, nothing short of excellence is to be expected. Alén brings Mediterranean-inspired dishes with a twist from the Åland archipelago to both the menu at Micke’s and the tapas selection at Barrel Bay.

In the pictures, you can spot a premium breakfast setup on the central island at the back. The chairs are from Pedrali.

Concept art
The Dining Room of Micke’s Wine & Dine Restaurant on Finnsirius in July 2023

Serene Sauna for Professional Drivers

Professional drivers hold a special position on Finnlines’ ropax vessels, as these ships are specifically designed as cargo-passenger ferries. Drivers spend days on the road, away from home, so it is important to provide them with excellent facilities for rest and recovery during their journeys.

The spacious sauna dedicated to drivers offers a cozy atmosphere. Its windows reveal a view of the aft of the ship, and it’s easy to step out onto the deck for a refreshing cool-down after enjoying the sauna heat.

Concept art
Professional Drivers’ Sauna on Finnsirius in July 2023

Comfort and Coziness Aboard

Why go to a cottage when you can come aboard a ship! Representing a cozy lodge and cabin theme, the Superstar ships offer a variety of family, disabled, and comfort cabins, totaling around thirty cabins.

The photos taken on Finnsirius may not include mattresses, pillows, and bedding. However, they will be installed before departure from Weihai.

Concept art
Family Inside Cabin on Finnsirius in July 2023
Concept art
Family Seaview Cabin on Finnsirius in July 2023
Family Seaview Cabin on Finncanopus in July 2023

Relaxation and Rejuvenation at the Spa

Höyry Spa is a luxurious spa area where all passengers traveling on Superstar ships are welcome for a small additional fee. The spa features two traditional saunas, a steam sauna, three indoor pools, and a private terrace reserved for spa guests, complete with an outdoor hot tub.

Concept art
Höyry Spa facilities on Finnsirius in July 2023
Concept art
Finnsirius’ Spa Bar in July 2023

Stellar Level Relaxation

The Stellar Lounge is located at the bow of the ship, on deck twelve. The lounge is designed for comfort, offering excellent sea views and a variety of cozy seating options. It also features its own bar. Passengers can enjoy the peace and comfort of the Stellar Lounge for a small additional fee.

Concept art
Stellar Lounge on Finnsirius in July 2023
Stellar Lounge on Finncanopus in July 2023

Space Adventures on the Open Deck

For the little ones in the family, Superstar ships offer playgrounds both inside the ship and on the open deck. The space-themed play area, provided by Lappset, can be found on deck twelve.

Concept art
Space Games play zone on Finnsirius in July 2023

Under the Stars, Onboard the Superstars

Under the Stars is a covered terrace where you can enjoy the sea air and unobstructed views all year round. On a clear night, you might even spot Sirius, which inspired the name of Finnsirius. You can read more about the background of the Superstar ship names in a previous blog post.

During the summer, the Stars Bar serves guests on the Under the Stars terrace.

Concept art
Under the Stars Terrace on Finnsirius in July 2023

Concept Images and Reality on Finnsirius have now been compared. Very soon, everyone will have the opportunity to experience the restaurants, arcade, spa, lounge, fitness center, playgrounds – and everything that the Superstars offer – as the operations begin on the Naantali–Långnäs–Kapellskär route in the fall!