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Hybrid ro-ro vessels

These ultra green vessels will be built with the latest technology available to ensure the lowest CO2 emissions and they will bring many benefits to our customers, including fast and efficient loading and unloading, and in addition, provide more flexible cargo space to our customers. Finneco I, was delivered on 28 April 2022 and the other two hybrid ro-ros will be delivered during 2022. The Superstar ro-pax vessels are set to start in traffic in 2023.

Improved services on board

Finnlines will be focusing more on the on board services provided on freight ships where lorry drivers are frequent customers. In order to offer value-added service, there will be a gym and sauna area, dining and recreation room and laundry for all drivers use. To add comfort on board, drivers will be allocated single cabins. There will be 12 cabins for drivers and 26 cabins for the crew on board. 

Name refers to the environment

The new vessels will be named Finneco I, Finneco II and Finneco III in honour of the green innovations.

Hybrid ro-ro’s will be a very modern and innovative

vessels using several energy saving technologies

to ensure the lowest CO2 emissions. 

The vessels will be painted in a fresh colour, green, which reflects the names of the vessels. In fact, all Finnlines’ vessels used to be green still in the early 2000’s and therefore the new colour will be a nod to the Finnlines’ history as well.

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Technical details

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Press releases

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The newbuilding programme is a collaborative project and in addition to the shipyards it will engage several suppliers.

Work in progress: important milestones

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Pictures of the construction of the vessel