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Motorway of the sea - linking Finland to Sweden and continental Europe

Nearly 90% of Finland’s import and export traffic is transported via waterways and shipping is of high importance to the Finnish industry and welfare. In this sense, Finland can be considered an island. 

Finnlines has a modern and energy efficient fleet of 21 vessels – nine ro-pax vessels and twelve ro-ro vessels. Each vessel ensures transportation of medicine, fresh produce and other cargo from Finland to Sweden and Continental Europe and vice versa. Finnlines’ services in the Baltic and North Sea areas provide a backbone especially to Finnish society. Company’s vessels enable smooth operation of logistic chains and societies retain their ability to function properly.

The Finnlines ro-pax vessels carry cargo but they also have added spaces for passengers. The current Star class ro-pax vessels can take approximately 550 passengers while also carrying a significant amount of cargo – up to 4,215 lane metres, which equals to about 100 passenger cars and about 250 trailers or 200 trucks per voyage. The new Superstar vessels – starting in traffic in 2023 – have 5,100 lane metres and will take up to 1,100 passengers. That is, for example, approximately 200 cars and 290 trailers or 250 trucks per voyage.

Flexible Finnlines’ fleet

The Company ensures for its own part that even in the exceptional situation we are facing in 2020, the vessels run and perform their duties as usual. This way Finnlines fulfils its important role in the logistics chain. “In this challenging situation, we also look to the future. Our flexible fleet offers sustainable services for our customers’ needs,” says Kielo Vesikko, Head of Passenger Services at Finnlines.

Finnlines ensures for its own part that

even in the exceptional situation we are facing in 2020,

the vessels run and perform their duties as usual.

The Finnlines ro-pax service combines cargo and passenger traffics in an eco-efficient way, while the high utilization of routes and vessels ensures travelling happens in a sustainable and responsible way.

“The fill rates of the vessels vary from month to month but the strength in Finnlines’ ro-pax concept lies in the fact that when the number of passengers goes down, the amount of cargo increases,” says Vesikko.

The actions taken and investments made in the ports of Naantali and Kapellskär ensure Finnlines customers a swift visit at the port. ”We are currently planning the details of the new Superstar vessel and in a few years we will have the highly ecological and modern vessel in use. In planning the new vessel we are paying special attention to quick and efficient cargo handling. The needs of the passengers will also be taken into account when planning the new Superstar vessels. In the future, we want to provide the best possible travelling experience for our customers,” Vesikko says.