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  • Finnlines News 1/2024
Naming M/S Finncanopus, from left: Tom Pippingsköld from Finnlines; from Schenker DB Petteri Nurmi, Eeva Pajunen, Antti Sauramaa, Harri Siekkinen; from Finnlines Merja Kallio-Mannila and on her left hand side ships’ Godmother, Katariina Nurmi. M/S Finncanopus was represented by two Captains, Stefan Karell and Jyrki Repo, and Chief Engineer Johnny Sandberg.

Finnlines’ EUR 500-million Green Investment Programme completed

Finncanopus celebrated in Naantali and Stockholm

Finncanopus was officially named in the port of Naantali on 14 February 2024, marking the completion of Finnlines’ EUR 500-million Green Investment Programme. This programme includes three hybrid cargo vessels and two combined cargo and passenger ferries. As a result, Finnlines now offers top-tier sustainable transport services to its freight customers, while passengers can enjoy a cruise-level travel experience.

The celebration symbolized Finnlines long-time commitment to provide a reliable and efficient logistics network, which provides a solid basis for the growth of its freight customers and allows Finnlines and its partners to grow stronger together. “Katariina Nurmi, the Godmother of M/S Finncanopus, broke the traditional bottle of champagne against the hull. The ceremony was made even more special as snowflakes fell from the sky like confetti to celebrate this occasion,” says the President and CEO Tom Pippingsköld, who would also like to express Finnlines’ gratitude to Katariina Nurmi for naming the vessel.

The sister vessel, Finnsirius, was introduced to various stakeholders in Naantali whereas Finncanopus sailed to Stockholm and moored at the Stadsgården terminal, a unique visit. Swedish Star Club members, media, politicians, customers, tour operators, the Finnish ambassador and other stakeholders, over 300 guests, got an opportunity to tour the vessel, mingle freely and taste delicacies in ship’s restaurants.

Many of the guests were impressed by the combined freight-passenger vessel, which seems like a cruise vessel.

“After the entry of Finncanopus, passengers have access to the same first-class facilities and services on morning and evening departures on the route between Finland and Sweden. Day cruises, “picnic cruises”, are also offered,“ says Marco Palmu, Head of Finnlines Passenger Services.

Hannu Kallio, Pasi Haarala and Yrjö Vainiala from the Port of Naantali discussed with Finnlines’ representatives Juha Ahia and Staffan Herlin.

Finncanopus was officially named by Katariina Nurmi.

Captain Stefan Karell praised the vessel, its stability, beauty and size (“enormous”) but also said that familiarisation will take time. “One week is not enough, the learning process will last several months.”

Foto credits: Henri Juvonen