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  • Finnlines News 1/2024


Efficiency meets comfort and sustainability

In the fast-paced world of shipping, where time is money and efficiency is king, Finnlines stands at the forefront of innovation. With the introduction of a driver self-service check-in application on the route between mainland Finland, Åland and Sweden, drivers are experiencing a fundamental change in how they navigate the port arrivals. This application does not only streamline services but also raises environmental consciousness.

Flexibility at your fingertips

Gone are the days of rigid schedules and long waiting hours at port terminals. Thanks to self-service check-in application, drivers now enjoy unprecedented flexibility in planning their arrivals. Five hours before the scheduled departure, drivers can conveniently check in using their mobile phones, minimising idle time and boosting work efficiency.

Through drivers’ self-service check-in, trucks can be identified as they approach the port terminal, eliminating the need for manual checks and queues.

Patrick Andersson, a seasoned trucking professional, was eager to test the new service. “The system saves time and even fuel when an extra stop at the check-in counter is avoided,” Andersson says. “When I enter the port, I can proceed to the loading area with no delays. The gates identify the status of the unit and freight clearance staff and ship’s deck officers can ascertain which units have arrived and are there to be loaded.“

By minimising unnecessary stops and optimising route planning, drivers can reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Additionally, streamlined operations and reduced idle time contribute to overall energy conservation, paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future.

Customer feedback drives innovation

The self-service check-in is addressed to drivers of registered customers who have an Extranet agreement with Finnlines. To start using the check-in system, drivers must first register to the Driver’s Card programme to apply for membership. A digital membership card will then be sent by email and the check-in application will run on mobile phones.

“We communicate all the time with our customers and collect feedback to improve our services. The recently implemented check-in system will bring many benefits, such as more flexible check-in hours for drivers and Finnlines as an operator can maintain just-in-time schedules,” says Merja Kallio-Mannila, Finnlines’ Commercial Director.

Booking details, such as driver’s name, cargo description, length and weight of the vehicle and request for an electrical connection, can be found in the application. Users can edit preferences, such as language, email address for travel documents, shipper identifiers and the truck ID.

“There is no queuing onboard either as I get a QR code and can print the cabin card at the self-service kiosk or directly by the QR code.” Andersson says that he can use the extra time to relax and take it easy. “The new Finnsirius and Finncanopus have great facilities and offer many services. I may cross the Archipelago up to four times a week and I therefore appreciate the peace and quiet onboard Finnlines’ ships.”

  • Check in when convenient, flexibility through a mobile check-in application
  • Drivers can edit their booking preferences from language to travel document delivery
  • Minimised stops and optimised route planning reduce the carbon footprint in the transport chain
  • No queues onboard – more time to relax!
  • Customers’ feedback matters, Finnlines is dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation.
“There is no s no queuing onboard either. I can print the cabin card at the self-service kiosk or directly by the QR code,” Andersson says.