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  • Annual Report 2023, Strategy and business

Passenger services

Finnlines’ passenger-freight vessels offer services from Finland to Germany and via the Åland Islands to Sweden, as well as from Sweden to Germany. In 2023, Finnlines invested in upgraded services and new customer segments. Finnsirius, which entered the route between Finland and Sweden in September, was awarded as the Ro-Pax of the Year.

The largest ro-pax vessel in the Finnlines fleet, the magnificent Superstar-class freight-passenger vessel, Finnsirius, debutedon the Naantali–Långnäs–Kapellskär route in mid-September 2023. Soon after the entry into the traffic, the vessel was awarded as the Ro-Pax of the Year at the Ferry Shipping Summit. The other Superstar, Finncanopus, was delivered in December 2023 and it will join Finnsirius on the same route in February 2024. The new freight-passenger vessels are an important part of the strategy to offer upgraded services on the route.

The new Superstar-class vessels, which have capacity for 1,100 passengers, have been specifically designed for the unique archipelago route. Efficient transport of goods enables a sustainable growth in passenger travel as the carbon footprint per passenger remains low when carriage of freight
and passengers is combined.

Passenger travel on the upturn

The number of passengers, both professional drivers and private passengers, amounted to 695,000 (648,000 in 2022), an increase of 7 per cent. The number of private passengers went up by more than 17 per cent. The strongest growth took place between Finland and Sweden, 49 per cent, where the number
of Swedish travellers increased substantially. Travel on the route between Finland and Germany went up by 11 per cent. The number of private passengers declined by 1 per cent on the route between Sweden and Germany.


Three Finnlines’ freight-passenger vessels operate daily between Helsinki and Travemünde, connecting Finland and Germany. Travellers can start their holiday, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of the Baltic Sea during a voyage of 30 hours. For car travellers, this direct route across the Baltic Sea offers driving savings of up to 1,000 kilometres.

The three identical Star-class sister vessels, Finnstar, Finnlady and Finnmaid, offer comfortable lounges and provide a classy setting to start or end a holiday. Alongside restaurant services, Sailor’s Shop, and children’s play areas, the ships boast amenities such as a gym and saunas with jacuzzis. Each
Star-class vessel accommodates up to 550 passengers.


Finnlines calls Åland four times a day, i.e. two departures to Sweden and two to mainland Finland. Notably, the route stands as the fastest sea connection between southern Finland and Sweden.

At the end of 2023, the service was operated by two ro-pax vessels, a Star-class vessel Finnswan and the new “Superstar” Finnsirius, whereas Europalink, also a Star-class vessel, was transferred from the Finland–Sweden route to sail between Sweden and Germany.

Finnsirius has a total of seven bars and restaurants, which range from fine dining to quick bytes. A stylish spa, yoga studio, gym, tax-free shop, a lounge area and conference rooms create a comfortable setting for a sea voyage.

Finnsirius is scheduled for morning departures from Naantali and evening departures from Kapellskär. Additionally, the second Superstar-class vessel Finncanopus will start operating in February 2024. The route offers also cruises, allowing passengers to opt for an overnight cruise or a shorter
picnic cruise with a change of ship in Åland.


Finnlines’ three daily departures from Sweden to Germany or vice versa provide a convenient alternative for European car travellers. The nine-hour voyage time is ideal, and after a relaxing sea voyage, passengers can feel well-rested and ready to continue their journey.

At the end of the year, the service on the route was enhanced with the introduction of a Star-class vessel. In addition to the Star-class vessel, the traditional Hansa-class vessels also offer passengers a genuine shipboard experience.

During the second quarter two older ro-pax vessels, Finnpartner and Finntrader, were drydocked for installation of new pollution abatement technology and for refurbishing public spaces. A Grimaldi Group ro-pax vessel substituted during the docking.

Sustainable travel

Finnlines was awarded the Sustainable Travel Finland label by Visit Finland in 2021, and the certification was renewed last year. The label recognises Finnlines’ long-term work for sustainable values. On the new vessels, environmental aspects have been considered throughout the design and construction process, as regards both technical solutions and choice of
goods suppliers. Emission-reducing technology includes highpowered
batteries and an air lubrication system under the keel to decrease friction.