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  • Annual Report 2023, Strategy and business

Port operations

Helsinki is Finland’s most important export and import port for unitised goods, while Turku and Naantali have the fastest sea connections from Finland to Sweden.

Finnsteve companies, which include Finnsteve, Containersteve and FS-Terminals, are responsible for Finnlines Group’s port operations. Finnsteve is a major port operator focused on unitised cargo services for scheduled liner traffic in the ports of Helsinki, Turku and Naantali. The main port services are ro-ro and lo-lo stevedoring, stuffing terminal, container depot and temperature controlled storage. The aim is to ensure smooth and fast cargo handling through the port.

In 2023, Finnlines’ Port Operations generated revenues of EUR 42.9 (46.2 in 2022) million and employed 288 (306) people on average.

Finnsteve companies handled 186,000 ro-ro units and a total of 112,000 TEUs of containers in 2023.

Operational optimisation

During the past few years, Finnsteve has made major investments in new IT systems. In Port Operations, the resource management processes were improved to better serve the demand and needs of the traffic in Vuosaari Harbour, Helsinki.

The operational and environmental efficiency of stevedoring operations was greatly improved when thirteen new tug masters were taken into use in Helsinki and Turku during the year. Tug masters play a crucial role in stevedoring activities, as they effectively manage trailers and roll trailers both within the port and onboard vessels. The latest generation of tug masters not only offer enhanced environmentally sustainability but also substantially reduce maintenance costs compared to their predecessors.

Joint projects with customers were continued to further develop the electronic messaging traffic and to ensure its efficiency and timeliness.

Port operations in Helsinki

Vuosaari Harbour, which was opened at the end of 2008, has proved to be an efficient world-class port with its modern and advanced infrastructure. The operations of the harbour are being constantly developed.

The Finnsteve companies have integrated the EDI message application, used for data interchange between port operators in the Port Helsinki, to its ERP system. Faster interchange of data will be useful in ship operation and it will speed up handling of certain import units.

Port operations in Turku and Naantali

Finnsteve operates mainly in the West Harbour in Turku. It also has operations in the Turku Base port and in Naantali.

Naantali operations provide services to the Group’s traffic between Naantali, Långnäs and Kapellskär.