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Finnlines’ passenger figures increasing – the number of individual passengers on a record level

Finnlines Plc, Press release, Helsinki, 19 January 2023

According to research findings, decisions on travel by ship are made more often on ecological and sustainable grounds. Finnlines new Superstar ships will make a debut for big audiences at the Matka Nordic Travel Fair in Helsinki during the oncoming weekend. The Superstar vessels represent sustainable shipping.

In 2022, the number of passengers on Finnlines’ vessels increased after two quiet years of corona. The number of passengers on Finnlines’ routes totalled 648,000 in 2022, an increase of 13 per cent compared with the previous year.

“The growth in individual passenger figures has been very positive. The number of passengers is close to the pre-pandemic years,” says Marco Palmu, Head of Finnlines Passenger Services.

This year Finnlines feels confident that passenger travel will increase even more and the company continues to invest in sustainable travel. Finnlines’ strategy is to provide travel comfort, which is as modern and responsible as possible, but also offer first-class freight services.

“Efficient carriage of goods enables responsible growth in passenger travel. By combining freight and passenger travel, the carbon footprint per passenger remains low. Finland is an island and freight must be transported on ships in any case,” says Antonio Raimo,Line Manager at Finnlines.

Finnlines will offer 99 departures on the Helsinki–Travemünde route from both ports during the coming summer and there will be programme for families with children on all these voyages. Finnlines will also arrange programme on the Naantali–Kapellskär route, which will have 97 departures from both ports.

The deployment of two new Superstar class cargo-passenger ships between Finland and Sweden this year ensures customers a more sustainable option to travel by sea.

Research : Most ship passengers rank sustainable and responsible travel high

According to a research, which Finnlines commissioned to Norstat, sustainable travel is already an important criterion for more than 50 per cent of ship passengers.

Of the respondents 25 per cent find sustainability to be a very important criterion. According to 6 out of 10 respondents,  sustainability is a very or quite important criterion when travel decisions are made.

Finnlines implements sustainability in passenger traffic by focusing on energy efficiency, sustainably produced services and by creating a genuine sea voyage experience.

”We offer comfortable and stress-free sea voyages from Finland to Sweden and Germany, and from Sweden to Germany. On our ships you travel in a sustainable way and enjoy the sea. It is a value we have chosen,” Marco Palmu adds.

Green values are prioritised in design and construction of shipboard facilities and services

Green values are prioritised in the design of the Superstar class vessels and in technological choices. As an example, lighting and ventilation can be adjusted automatically in the passenger accommodation, which reduces energy consumption.

Printed materials, such as menus, travel programmes and price lists, are replaced by digital screens and mobile apps.

In restaurants, local suppliers are favoured, which means shorter transport distances.  Passengers will also have the opportunity to taste beverages produced by small companies.

”We will buy high-quality ingredients and make efforts to reduce food waste. Our aim is to provide a wide range of dining options and to offer many alternatives to meat,” Marco Palmu says.

Pets are also considered in ship design. There will be areas to walk pets on two outdoor decks and an area in the bistro which welcomes four-legged family members.

Finnlines will introduce its new ships and routes where families with children are in focus, at the Matka Nordic Travel Fair in the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre during the oncoming weekend.

More information:

Marco Palmu, Head of Passenger Services, Finnlines Plc, +358 40 773 4894

Antonio Raimo, Line Manager, Finnlines Plc, +46 707250380

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