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Finnpartner & Finntrader

If you prefer no frills but would still like to travel comfortably, we welcome you aboard. You’ll find the essentials to enjoy the sea trip: a buffet restaurant, bar, shop, and of course some Finnish extra – a sauna.

Bon Appetit!

Eat well and choose your favorites from the rich buffet table. Save money for your adventures ahead by buying your meals in advance online. Non-alcoholic drinks are served with all meals.

Prepaid meal package for day-/evening departures

Adult €24
Junior (13-17 years) €18
Child (6-12 years) €12

Two meals are served per trip.
1 x dinner and either 1 x breakfast/brunch/night snack depending on the departure.

Prepaid meal package for night departures

Adult €15
Junior (13–17 years) €12
Child (6–12 years) €8

Two meals are served per trip.
Includes 1 x night snack and 1 x breakfast.

Meal prices

Breakfast & Brunch or Night Snack
Adult: €12
Junior (13–17 years): €8,50
Child  (6–12 years): €6

Adult: €22
Junior (13–17 years): €17
Child  (6–12 years): €11

Buffet meals are served

Departure 10:00
Buffet 09:00-11:00
Buffet 17:45-19:00

Departure 16:00
Buffet 15:00-17:00
Buffet 23:30-00:45

Departure 22:00
Buffet 20:45-23:00
Buffet 05:45-07.00

Departure 10:00
Buffet 09:00-11:00
Buffet 17:45-19:00

Departure 22:00
Buffet 20:45-23:00
Buffet 05:45-07.00

Departure 02:30
Buffet 01:30-03:30
Buffet 10:00-11:15

Stay connected

Wi-Fi connection is available on Finnpartner & Finntrader operating on the route Travemünde–Malmö.

Anchors aweigh

Always be yourself, unless you can be a pirate.
Then always be a pirate! Welcome to play at the Kids’ Corner on deck 6.

Sailor’s Shop

Make good discoveries – in our selection, you will find cosmetics, jewelry, sweets, souvenirs, textiles, refreshments, alcoholic beverages and snacks. Don’t miss our super offers!

Let’s go to sauna

What could be a better way to enjoy your sea voyage than to relax in the heat of the sauna? The sauna is free of charge for all passengers. On Finntrader the sauna is unisex.

Special diets on board

Our restaurants cater to special diets and the most common allergies. We recommend informing our customer service of any serious dietary restrictions before traveling.