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Wi-Fi on Travemünde–Malmö route

Update your adventures and post your best shots straight away. We offer Wi-Fi packages suitable for surfing the web and for usage of social media. The connection is available on Finnpartner and Finntrader. The Wi-Fi coverage reaches all cabins and public areas onboard.

Choose your package

All available Wi-Fi packages are time based and the time period starts to run immediately when Wi-Fi connection is activated. Handle your mail traffic and check the news onboard but when longing for the movies and music, please download your favorites before your trip.

Please note mobile phones work via satellite during the sea voyage. For this reason, calls, text messages and the use of mobile data are more expensive on board than on land. If you don’t want to use the satellite connection, put your phone in flight mode. Read more.

Surf S

Time: 1 hour
Number of devices: 1

Price on board: €5

It is not possible to purchase Surf S in advance.

Surf M

Time: 3 hours
Number of devices: 1

Price on board: €10
Star Club member price: €9

It is not possible to purchase Surf M in advance.

Surf L

Time: 9 hours
Number of devices: 2

Price on board: €12
Price when purchased in advance: €9

Purchase Surf L in advance online when booking your trip or via our customer service and save money!

Activate the connection

For Wi-Fi connection purchased in advance a Wi-Fi card will be given at check-in. When on board, change the Wi-Fi card in the bar to a voucher containing a valid PIN code for your Wi-Fi connection.

And then – stay connected!