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At sea, Finnlines crew

Sailor Verner Timonen, Aged 20, Works on the Finnsirius

In this post, we continue the introduction of the Finnsirius crew. Stepping into the spotlight is the youngest member of the crew, seaman Verner Timonen.

We introduce you to Verner Timonen, a student from Tarvasjoki, who can be found in the Finnsirius ECR (Engine Control Room), overseeing the ship’s engine room operations. Presently, Timonen is navigating the Indian Ocean alongside the rest of the crew aboard the Finnsirius. He holds the distinction of being the youngest member among the crew of the Finnsirius. As he looks ahead to the future, his aspiration is to become a chief engineer.

Student Embarking on Maritime Work

Verner’s student life will continue once the Finnsirius arrives in Naantali. Then, Verner will return home and commence his second-year studies at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. Upon graduation, he will become a maritime engineer. But let’s not jump ahead to the future just yet. For now, we are sailing the Indian Ocean on the Finnsirius, the brand-new Superstar vessel that Verner is a part of.

In the Finnsirius ECR, Timonen works as a seaman during the day shift, alongside the second and first engineers.

What does Verner think of the Finnsirius?

“An incredible ship. The engine room is different, spacious, and filled with new, impressive technology,” replies the seaman.

Verner Timonen already has a basis for comparison. Before the Finnsirius, he had experienced two Finnlines ships through the eyes of a sailor. Timonen found his way to Finnlines through the HarjoitteluMylly service, which connects maritime trainees with training positions. His first assignment was on the Finnswan, one of the largest vessels in Finnlines’ operational ropax fleet.

“I spent three weeks as a trainee on the Finnswan, and I inquired about opportunities to experience other ships. The engine room team encouraged me to contact Finnlines’ HR department. Before coming to the Finnsirius, I also had a three-week stint on the Finnhawk, which was my first official job – not an internship. I worked as an engine crew member there,” recounts Verner.

Verner’s Role in the Finnsirius Control Room

The intriguingly dim control room is filled with gauges, monitors, and technology. In the Finnsirius ECR, Verner monitors crucial ship functions. The seaman points out where axle rotations are tracked, main engine power generation is observed, air conditioning is monitored, potential fire alarms are managed, and watertight door operations are supervised.

What does the aspiring young chief engineer think of the Finnsirius’ technology?

“The battery system has been an interesting and novel aspect. The ECR, or control room, is also brimming with new features. Every day, I learn something new.”

Indeed, the Finnsirius embodies the latest technology. Details about the Superstar’s batteries and features like shore power can be found in an earlier blog post. As for the Superstar and Star classes, we covered them in the very first blog entry.

In the Finnsirius ECR, Verner showcases monitors and devices used to monitor axle rotations, main engine power, fire alarms, air conditioning, watertight doors, and the ship’s location.

The Favorite Hangout and Cheers to the Galley

Emerging from Finnsirius’ windowless Engine Control Room, we head up to Deck 10, where the crew quarters await. Catching glimpses along the way, we spot the hotel-side crew members getting everything shipshape in the common areas and cabins for the passengers. Our next stop is the crew mess, where the lunchtime aroma hangs in the air—perhaps a hint of chili? The crew mess boasts a snug and modern vibe. Peering out from the room’s ample windows, the wide expanse of the open sea stretches before us.

How has Verner enjoyed the crew quarters?

“The crew’s living areas are genuinely comfortable, and it’s nice that the mess and dayroom are open communal spaces instead of narrow hallways and small rooms. The gym is also impressively equipped and spacious. I use it regularly. I was looking forward to the new ship, and this vessel definitely exceeds expectations in a positive way.”

Verner also sends greetings to the kitchen.

“The mess food has been more exotic than my usual fare. The provisions come from China and Singapore, so it’s understandable that the culinary masters utilize ingredients from the region. I’ve tastefully enjoyed everything that’s been served in the mess, like seafood pasta with an Asian twist.”

And what’s Verner’s favorite spot on the Finnsirius?

“The gym,” says Verner with a chuckle.

“I was anticipating a new ship, but this vessel truly exceeds expectations in a positive way.”

Verner Timonen
Seaman Verner Timonen’s preferred spot aboard the Finnsirius is the crew’s gym, a facility open for unrestricted use by the entire crew.

Adventures and Opportunities Aboard the Finnsirius

As we await lunch, we settle at the mess table for a cup of coffee. Verner reminisces about the early days of the Finnsirius’ delivery voyage. The young man embarked on the blue and white vessel from its departure point, the shipbuilding town of Weihai. The journey has already been brimming with adventures.

“From China to Singapore, six days at sea, it was quite an incredible experience. Nothing but the sea surrounding us. A long sea voyage has been interesting in its own way. The typhoon was quite an experience too.”

“I’m still amazed that I got to join the team accompanying the experienced engineers on the Sirius, even though I am young and inexperienced. It has been fantastic to have this opportunity. I can’t forget the moment my phone rang at my father’s workplace in Raisio, and I received the invitation to go to China to fetch the new ship. It was an indescribable feeling! It’s great that Finnlines supports young maritime students and offers the chance to learn the profession alongside studies.”

Sunset Arabian Sea, onboard Finnsirius
Heading Westward. The Finnsirius sails across the Arabian Sea towards the sunset. In a couple of weeks, the Finnsirius will navigate northern waters. Once the vessel arrives in Naantali, everyday life begins: the Finnsirius commences its service on the Naantali–Långnäs–Kapellskär route, and Verneri Timonen continues his studies at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences.

Interested in an internship or job at Finnlines? We constantly have over a hundred interns working in various positions, both at sea and on land. Maritime students can submit their internship applications through HarjoitteluMylly, or keep an eye out for job openings in our announcements.