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Naantali – Långnäs – Kapellskär

From Sweden to Finland – or the other way round – in 8-9 hours with two daily departures.

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Tesla blockade in Swedish ports

Update on 8 December: AKT, the Finnish Transport Workers’ Union has decided on sympathy actions for Tesla. Neither Tesla vehicles nor components destined to Swedish markets are loaded by dockers in Finnish ports starting on 20th December.


There is a widening trade union action concerning the handling of Tesla cars in Swedish ports. This may affect shipping Tesla cars as cargo, both new and used to and from Swedish ports.

With us you can also travel to Långnäs in the Åland Islands as we provide daily departures from both Kapellskär and Naantali with stop-over in Långnäs.  The travel time from Kapellskär to Långnäs is 3.5 hours and further 5 hours from Långnäs to Naantali.

On the route we transport road trains and lorries. All units carrying commercial goods are handled as freight. We transport even hoof- and cloven-hoofed animals, but with restrictions. Contact us for more information.



Contacts in Finland

Finnlines Plc, Naantali
+358 10 34350
Satamatie 9
21100 Naantali

Contacts in Sweden

Finnlink Ab
760 15 Gräddö

Bunker surcharge

As from 1 April bunker surcharge is
EUR 4.65 EUR / lm