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Travelling by ferry is safe

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According to the Institute for health and safety (THL), Finnish vessels have successfully been able to avoid spreading of the virus. Jari Jalava, chief specialist at THL, says that there have not been infection chains onboard ferries and that only a few isolated cases of infection have been identified.  

Wide range of measures to ensure health security
“There have been significant measures in harbours and onboard vessels to prevent spreading of the virus, as the health and security of passengers is always the first and foremost priority for shipowners. All shipowners that operate from Finland are committed to restricting passenger amounts to 50 – 75% of the vessel’s capacity.” says Jarkko Saarimäki, Deputy Director-General of transport system services at Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom. 

The shipowners have prepared for a safe and gradual return of passenger traffic on their vessels. To stop spreading of the virus and ensure health security onboard, special activities have been put into place, including effectivating cleaning and disinfection, as well as safety distances in terminals and onboard. Passengers are continually reminded of safe distances and hand hygiene, and hand wash and disinfection points are available onboard. It is recommended, that passengers use face masks while travelling in any situation where keeping a safe distance is not possible.