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Cabins | Finnswan

Cabin size ranges from 10m² to 38m² on Finnswan and Europalink. For families we have great accommodation alternatives. You can either opt for a cabin that has a bunk bed in addition to the twin beds. Cabins with a connecting door can be booked via Call Center only. All cabins have their own toilet / shower and satellite TV. Cabins are located on decks 7, 8 and 9.


Owner’s Suite (OS4) | Finnswan

4 persons38 m²Deck 8

Ship’s largest outside suite for up to 4 persons.


LUX cabin (L4) | Finnswan

4 persons20 m²Decks 7, 8 and 9

Spacious outside cabin with a window for up to 4 persons.


Outside cabin, suitable for disabled (A3D) | Finnswan

3 persons16 m²Deck 9

Comfortable and spacious outside cabin suitable for disabled.


Inside cabin (AB3/AB4) | Finnswan

3-4 persons10 m²Decks 7, 8 and 9

Affordable AB3 and AB4 inside cabins are suitable for 3-4 persons.


Junior Suite (JS4) | Finnswan

4 persons32 m²Deck 9

Large outside suite for up to 4 persons.


Outside cabin (A4) | Finnswan

4 persons16 m²Decks 8 und 9

Comfortable and spacious A4 outside cabins with a window are suitable especially for families traveling together.


Outside cabin (A2/A4S) | Finnswan

2-4 persons10 m²A2 decks 7 and 9 | A4S deck 7

Outside A2/A4S cabins with a window for 2-4 persons.